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Victoria Day Fun!

Victoria Day Fun!
This year Victoria day is going to be a little different seeing as we are advised to stay in our homes, BUT, that does not mean we can't have a fun... Read more

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Victoria Day Fun!

Victoria Day Fun!

This year Victoria day is going to be a little different seeing as we are advised to stay in our homes, BUT, that does not mean we can't have a fun...
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A Magical Mothers Day for your Mom!

A Magical Mothers...

This Mothers Day, the moms of the world need a day of enjoyment and relaxation now more than ever! With this unprecedented pandemic, this year's Mo...
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Stuck Inside: Here are 7 activities to make the time fly!

Stuck Inside: Her...

We're living through some very interesting times these days, but there is no reason we shouldn't make the best of it! Here's a list of activities t...
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Are you Superbowl Party Ready?

Are you Superbowl...

The Superbowl is fast approaching and the world is rumbling with excitement! Whether you’ve got the Kansas City Chiefs or the San Francisco 49ers o...
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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolu...

Happy New Year everyone! 2020 is upon us which means it’s time to create some New Year’s resolution to make sure we make this new year the best year possible! We’ve come up with a list of 7 amazing resolutions that we are going to try to stick to the entire year!

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How to Survive a Big Family Vacation

How to Survive a ...

Vacation time is the best time; whether it’s soaking up the sun or being bundled up in the cold, some time away from reality is always much needed....
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Canadian Winter Survival Kit

Canadian Winter S...

Calling all Canadians! Winter is here and just like you, we are dreading the cold! Luckily we’ve come with a Survival Kit to help everyone conquer ...
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Disney+ Me In Bed

Disney+ Me In Bed

Well, winter doesn't officially start until December 21, however, it seems to have already arrived for many of us. We can lie to ourselves as much ...
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WINTER IS HERE: Enjoying the Great Indoors


For those of us in the great white North, winter has arrived in full force. Snow decorates our lawns, porches and driveways and there will be lots more to come before spring arrives.

So, why not make the most out of those cosy, snowy nights and find something fun to do inside!

Check out our list for six fun cold winters’ night in ideas:

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BEAUTY SLEEP TORONTO: A Dreamy Activation for Startup Fashion Week


Last week, Sleepenvie was thrilled to sponsor Startup Fashion Week in Toronto.

The event gives new designers, models, stylist and fashion entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their talent and communicate their message with the fashion community. 

We love to support local and the event is female-founded, just like we are.

The week began with an action-packed media launch party.

As many of us know, an effective beauty routine begins long before you start putting on makeup--getting your beauty sleep is the foundation.

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Ready or not, fall is here! The leaves have started to turn and pumpkin-spiced-everything has hit menus everywhere! 

This season, there is lots to do outside of your home like pumpkin patch visits, corn mazes, taking in the fall colours and more. Bring the fall magic right into your living room with our six fall decor items for every budget.

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NKPR IT HOUSE 2019: The Totally Fetch Sleepenvie Bedroom


Last week, Sleepenvie helped to kick off the Toronto International Film Festival weekend by hosting a film-inspired brand activation at the NKPR IT House

With this activation, we paid homage to one of our favourite cult classic films, Mean Girls, by bringing to life a modern take on Regina George’s bedroom, complete with a few key touches from the film like the infamous Burn Book and a Kalteen bar.

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