Customize your sleep with Sleepenvie because our habits and lifestyles require a personalized sleep solution.


The wishful coveting of your partner's peaceful easy sleep while you struggle to join them in dreamland.

Envie - From the French word "envie", meaning "a wish or

Sleep You Deserve

"We spend 30 percent of our lives sleeping so why not make the most of it? Customer service is key to Sleepenvie, and our mattresses are the best on the market. Our Signature Sofie and Hunter mattresses give everyone the opportunity to match their sleep with their lifestyle. You sleep great and we pay it forward with portions from every sale going to our charitable partner PAWS.

Yes, we were once envious too.

We craved that perfect night’s rest that just seemed to elude us night after night, until we just had enough. We didn’t believe the “one-mattress-fits-all" philosophy could solve our sleep issues and quite frankly, it’s just plain absurd. So, we decided to turn that envy into an idea – a custom tailored one.

Find Your Perfect Match

Our mission is to improve your overall sleep experience so that all the other aspects your life can be optimized. By customizing your sleep preference your bedroom will be transformed into a place of peace and productivity.

Founded nearly 6 years ago by Joy Elena, Sleepenvie has been the forefront of easily accessible custom sleep solutions. We don’t just believe in our mattresses, we believe in our understanding of natural sleep habits, lifestyles, and comfort preferences. We took that belief and understanding and crafted the perfect Sleep Quiz that instantly matches you to the perfect mattress, so you too can go from envying sleep to enviously sleeping.

Oh, and with our team being backed by over 50 years of industry experience, you can be certain that we know what we’re doing.

Award Winning Sleep


    Most Innovative Bedroom Lifestyle Brand


    Best Full / Double Mattress

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    Sofie Mattress - Best Cooling Mattress for Hot Sleepers 2021


    Hunter Mattress - The Best Hybrid Mattress 2021

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Sleepenvie doesn't just get under the covers with just anybody.

We don’t partner with an organization unless we believe in their core values. We love The Shoe Box Project’s to share empathy, kindness and compassion with local women impacted by homelessness through the collection and distribution of gift-filled Shoeboxes and messages of support.. Sleepenvie is proud to do its part by supporting this empowering movement and providing a percentage of sales to The Shoebox Project. Our contributions aim to continuously help provide postitive and tagngible support for women and promote a diverisified society.

A Second Chance for All.

People Animal Welfare Society, PAWS, is a charitable organization about to celebrate 45 years of providing safe-haven for homeless, abused, and abandoned animals in our community. This amazing charity has a strict no-kill policy and never considers an animal to be unadoptable. Their dedicated volunteers go the extra mile to find all animals, even those with special needs, safe and happy homes. It is our pleasure to partner with PAWS to help them to do the incredible work they do so well in our community and invest in the safety of the animals we all love so much.