How It Works

1. Select SplitIt as payment method at checkout.

2. Select how many months you would like to pay over (2,3,4,5,6 or 12 months.)

3. Your credit card will be authorized for the entire amount of your order, but only charged only for the 1st month's instalment. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I be charged any interest or hidden fees?
A: No, if you place an order, we do not add any processing or hidden fees on top. You would pay the same amount as if you had not selected the instalment plan.
Q: Do you need to do a credit check?
A: No, we simply reserve the amount on your card as collateral.
Q: What happens if I lose my credit card, or have some problem with my credit card?
A: You will need to contact us to change the card number. If you do not provide us with a new card within a few days, the entire amount of remaining balance will be charged onto your card.