MASTERING BEDROOM DECOR: Expert Tips From Decor Extraordinaire Lora Currie

MASTERING BEDROOM DECOR: Expert Tips From Decor Extraordinaire Lora Currie

The tricky thing about bedroom decor is that we have the option to close the bedroom door while having company over if the room is not completed to our liking, prioritizing completing the rooms that guests see most over the ones that they don't. Maybe we begin with creating a warm and inviting living room, then a functional and fabulous dining room, then kitchen and bathroom etc. until we finally reach the master bedroom.
"When you buy a house, most homeowners leave decorating the master bedroom to the end. I firmly believe it should be included in the list of firsts. Having a space to relax and retreat to, allows you to feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day," Lora explains.
Lora, decor virtuoso and founder of Driftwood Decor, is a wife and Mum to three with an affection for coffee, music and people and a beautiful touch for decor. She is the rare kind of person you meet for the first time and you could swear you were old friends; absolutely the perfect person to help you make your house feel like a home.
And, we couldn't agree more with her take on bedroom decor. It's important to have a beautifully designed place of your own where you can relax, refresh and wake up feeling rejuvenated so you can not only take on your day but also the rest of your decor projects.
Follow Lora's five simple steps to creating your own bedroom oasis this season:

1. Select a calm paint colour that makes you smile, I am asked at least 20 times a week what colour my room is (Smoky Green by Benjamin Moore).


2. Find neutral bed linens (be sure it is machine washable...especially if you have children/pets).


3. Add layers and textures to your space to create depth and interest, try to keep them neutral to maintain a cohesive and uncluttered look. I have kept mine all shades of white and off white using items such as a rug, blanket ladder, blankets, throw pillows, picture frames and accessories.


4. Using candles in the bedroom will not only create ambience, they can also relieve stress and help you to unwind. Be sure to select only the purest candle, ensuring that you are not releasing harmful toxins into the air. The signature candles from Driftwood Decor are carefully handmade with 100% organic soy wax, using all natural unbleached cotton wicks, and pure essential oils. These candles are available in a variety of scents sure to please everyone, however “Provence” blends of lavender and mint and “Peppermint” are my recommendations for the bedroom.


5. Flowers are another beautiful way to add a touch of nature to your space. Whatever blooms make you happy, those are the ones that you should buy. As the seasons change, you have the option to add a pop of colour for a touch of whimsy.


Finally, remember that trends will come and go, but when you decorate a room that is honest and true to you, it will never go out of style.


Driftwood Decor is an online Boutique that ships all across Canada and the USA. Products are always changing, so don’t forget to check back in frequently. They carry Canadian hand-poured 100% Organic Soy Wax candles that are scented with essential oils and use a cotton wick. They are completely natural and burn even and clean.

Driftwood Decor:
Facebook: Driftwood Decor
Instagram: @driftwood_decor


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