SKETCH WORKING ARTS: Supporting Our Community One Sleep At A Time

SKETCH WORKING ARTS: Supporting Our Community One Sleep At A Time

SKETCH, our amazing charitable partner, is a community arts enterprise in Toronto, engaging diverse young people, ages 16-29, from across Canada, who live homeless or on the margins and navigate poverty to experience the transformative power of the arts, build leadership and self-sufficiency in the arts and cultivate social and environmental change through the arts.

Sleepenvie doesn’t get under the covers with just anybody; we don’t partner with an organization unless we believe in their core values. We love SKETCH’s mission to create progressive and creative opportunities for marginalized youth. We are proud to do our part by helping to develop the next generation of cultural leaders by supporting this empowering movement and providing a percentage of sales to SKETCH as a part of their Sketch BFF Program. Our contributions will help to foster creativity and love for the arts and will have an impact in creating social change and promote diversity and equality.

SKETCH has had a very busy and exciting 2019 year so far, offering programming in visual arts, ceramic arts, culinary arts, industrial arts, media arts, movement arts, music arts, textile arts, screen printing arts and leadership. Their spring sessions kicked off on April 2nd and will run until June 6th, culminating in their annual Rad Grad event.

Rad Grad is an open studio event on June 13th from 5 PM until 9 PM at SKETCH Working Arts at 180 Shaw St, Toronto, where they celebrate the art that was created by their youth artists during the spring term. There will be performances and art on display from various artistic practices. It’s an awesome opportunity to support local youth artists and enjoy art in many forms.

If you aren’t able to attend SKETCH’s Rad Grad event, there are two other ways that you can support this fantastic organization. A percentage of every Sleepenvie sale is donated to SKETCH once annually, so use promo code SKETCH10 at checkout, save 10% on your entire order AND know that a percentage of your purchase will contribute to our annual donation. OR, you can donate the sum of your choosing directly to SKETCH here.

Thank you for helping us support our community; hope to see you at Rad Grad! Sweet dreams!


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