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7 Anti-Viral Foods

7 Anti-Viral Foods
Purée strong-brewed black tea with grated ginger, frozen mango, and Greek yogurt for a flu-busting breakfast. Read more
7 Anti-Viral Foods

7 Anti-Viral Foods

Purée strong-brewed black tea with grated ginger, frozen mango, and Greek yogurt for a flu-busting breakfast.
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BATTLE OF THE SEXES: How Men and Women Sleep Differently


Any couple that shares a bed will tell you that men and women DEFINITELY sleep differently. From temperature to snoring, to who has more trouble f...
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LIFE IS BREW-TIFUL: Toronto's Lovely Latté Art


When it comes to coffee, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Not long ago, your choices were limited when ordering a cup of coffee to basically just milk or sugar. Coffee was fairly basic, but definitely still did the trick. Over the years, we swung a little too far in the other direction; spoiled with choice, people started ordering complicated concoctions that with some combination of sugar-free, iced, or soy-based, etc..

Now, we find ourselves somewhere in the middle. This is a sweet spot not only with quality options but also choices that have evolved beyond taste, moving into something much grander with beautiful and interesting designs.

Formally, though still delicious, a café latté often appeared rather mundane in its mug. Now, our cup runneth over with cute and creative designs by talented baristas around Toronto. It’s common to find a heart, swan, or flower swirled into the foam of you latté, which is a lovely treat in and of itself.

These shops we highlight below go above and beyond to create intricate and unique designs to liven up your morning coffee order and brighten your day.

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HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS: Six Special At-Home Valentine's Day Date Night Ideas


You don’t have to break the bank or brave the cold to have a fun and memorable Valentine’s Day.

Try one of our six special Valentine’s at-home date night ideas that you can even enjoy even in your PJ’s and enjoy celebrating love the season.

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We all have, or have had, that one favourite pillow that we love because it’s super comfy and helps us to get a great night’s sleep. Maybe, sometimes you even bring it with you when you take a road trip? Or, tote it to the couch with you when you’re having a lazy lay in?

The question is: why is it your favourite pillow?

The answer is simple: because it compliments your sleep position.

It can be very frustrating to try and get to sleep with a pillow that is either way to full or not even close to full enough. It can leave your tossing and turning and very uncomfortable, costing you the good night’s rest that you need.

Say goodnight to pillow problems with our new FOMO pillow--you can customise its fullness based on your preferred sleep position!

Check out our fullness guide to help you select the perfect fullness for your sleep position:

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MIDNIGHT MUNCHIES: Where To Get The Best Late-Night Bites in Toronto


Patio season is almost upon us. With the coming long summer days, come the long summer nights as well. If you find yourself out, enjoying the city here in Toronto one evening and get a case of the midnight munchies, take a bite out of our list of favourite spots in the 6ix for a moonlight feast that is sure to satisfy any craving. Now, that's saying a mouthful...
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QUICHE THE COOK: Your Guide to Toronto's Best Brunch


What would perfectly compliment a sensational Caesar? Why, a totally boss brunch, of course! In honour of National Caesar Day, Sleepenvie's curated the ultimate list of the best brunch spots Toronto has to offer. Celebrate with the cocktail of the day and an exceptional brunch from one of our six favourite spots around the city. Cheers!
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SNACKING YOUR WAY TO SLEEP: Six Snacks That Help You Snooze


Getting a good night's sleep may be as easy as enjoying a little bedtime snack. Many foods are rich in naturally occurring sleep-regulating hormones including melatonin, magnesium, tryptophan and serotonin.

Move over turkey! Sample the snacks on our list and settle into a serene slumber.

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MIDNIGHT SNACK ATTACK: Fighting Late-Night Cravings


This time of year, it can be very tempting to raid the fridge before bed. Who doesn't look forward to making a turkey sandwich out of leftovers, cuddling up under your favourite blanket, and falling asleep in front of the TV? I mean, sign me up! Right?

Although late-night snacks, even of this variety, may help you to fall asleep--they disrupt your quality of sleep overnight in several different ways and cause long term side effects if midnight snacking become a habit.

Below, we explain why midnight snacks do no favours for your sleep or health:

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SILENT NIGHT: Your Guide to Sleep This Holiday Season


While the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, they are also the busiest. With shopping, decorating, wrapping, cooking, travelling, parties, visiting and eating galore, this is no time to lose sleep. Not only do you need your sleep to perform at your best for all of your commitments, but you also need to maintain a strong immune system--there is no room in the schedule to be sick.

Follow our guide this holiday season and you'll definitely sleep like a yule log, ho ho ho.

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Having a BBQ for Dad this weekend but you don't want to blow your diet? Plan your delicious feast by calories using our infographic.
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Crawl into bed and relax tonight with a comforting, hot, aromatic cup of tea. The right brew can help quiet the mind and relax the body to get a peaceful nights rest. 

Check out our recommendations for our favourite bedtime herbal tea selections and let those kettles sing :).

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