LIFE IS BREW-TIFUL: Toronto's Lovely Latté Art

LIFE IS BREW-TIFUL: Toronto's Lovely Latté Art

Photo Credit: @baristabrian, latte artist

When it comes to coffee, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Not long ago, your choices were limited when ordering a cup of coffee to basically just milk or sugar. Coffee was fairly basic, but definitely still did the trick. Over the years, we swung a little too far in the other direction; spoiled with choice, people started ordering complicated concoctions that with some combination of sugar-free, iced, or soy-based, etc..

Now, we find ourselves somewhere in the middle. This is a sweet spot not only with quality options but also choices that have evolved beyond taste, moving into something much grander with beautiful and interesting designs.

Formally, though still delicious, a café latté often appeared rather mundane in its mug. Now, our cup runneth over with cute and creative designs by talented baristas around Toronto. It’s common to find a heart, swan, or flower swirled into the foam of you latté, which is a lovely treat in and of itself.

These shops we highlight below go above and beyond to create intricate and unique designs to liven up your morning coffee order and brighten your day.

1.Versus Coffee

latteart.versuscoffeePhoto Credit: @versuscoffee

This downtown hot-spot is known for brightening up your day, literally with their colourful latté designs. They have a great selection including detox tea lattés and turmeric tea lattés among their other cheerful selections. See for yourself on Instagram or, better yet, sip for yourself at Versus Coffee, 70 Adelaide St E, Toronto.

2. Himalayan Coffee House

latteart.himalayancoffeehousePhoto Credit: @himalayancoffeehouse

This cute little uptown cafe has made latté art their speciality--they even take requests! You can see photos of the creations of their baristas on the front windows of the cafe and on their Instagram account, but we recommend you go and see for yourself at Himalayan Coffee House, 2552 Yonge St, Toronto, Canada.

3. San Remo Bakery

latteart.sanremobakeryPhoto Credit: @sanremobakery

It is impossible to leave San Remo in a bad mood. This Etobicoke shop not only will print you a custom piece of art on your latté but they are also a full service Italian bakery so on any given day, you can walk out of their with a shirtless photo of Ryan Gosling and a dozen authentic Sicilian cannoli's. Hey Girl, indeed :D. You can get a sneak peek on Instagram, but we highly recommend you visit in person at San Remo Bakery, 374 Royal York Road Toronto.

4. Mercury Espresso Bar

latteart.mercuryespressoPhoto Credit: @mercuryespresso

This Leslieville coffee house is known for its hot coffee and cool designs, running the gamut from your standard heart or flower designs all the way to an Alf portraits, medusa head or phoenix. Don't forget to sample the baking as well! Visit them on Instagram or at Mercury Espresso Bar, 915 Queen St East, Toronto.

5. Page One Cafe

latteart.pageonecafePhoto Credit: @pageone_cafe

Serving colourful creations that are almost too pretty to drink! Visit this very cool downtown cafe for some beautifully designed java and a delicious snack (try the cheeseboard). They are located near Ryerson at Page One Cafe, 106 Mutual St. Unit 8, Toronto and on Instagram.


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