HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS: Six Special At-Home Valentine's Day Date Night Ideas

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS: Six Special At-Home Valentine's Day Date Night Ideas

You don’t have to break the bank or brave the cold to have a fun and memorable Valentine’s Day.

Try one of our six special Valentine’s at-home date night ideas that you can even enjoy even in your PJ’s and enjoy celebrating love the season.

1. Cook a romantic dinner together.

Bust out the fondue pot, scroll through Pinterest, bring back an old, beloved recipe, try your hand at a family recipe, select a special wine pairing or pick a theme for that evening’s food. You can try something fancy or go really simple; the key here is to do it together. Crank up the music, pour yourselves some wine and have fun playing chefs for the night.

2. Battle it out with Nerf guns.

Have some fun with a little healthy competition. Mix it up by leaving a note by the door for your partner (or, tonight, your opponent) to find when they arrive home from work along with their weapon for the evening (Nerf guns or silly string are great for this). Then, game on.

3. Host a movie night in bed.

Pick one movie each, maybe it’s something you’ve both been dying to see, a classic, something romantic or even something steamy to set the mood, and set up your bedroom accordingly with snacks, refreshments, candles and blankets so you can have a cozy evening.

4. Hold a spa night.

Couples trips to the spa can be very expensive, why not try it at home to save some money and do it your own way? Start with face masks and finish with massages. It’s a great way to get a little silly, pamper each other and also have the perfect excuse to get close.

5. Build a fort.

Get creative and work together to build yourselves a comfy little love nest out of your blankets, pillow, couch cushions and anything else you can find to use. It’s fun to do together or surprise your partner with. It’s also a comfy place to cuddle up for the evening and enjoy each other’s company.

6. Have a cocktail competition.

Challenge your partner to create the perfect Valentine’s Day cocktail and sample each other’s creations. Keep track of the recipes you discover so you can recreate when you find something great.

We hope our suggestions will help to inspire your own special Valentine’s Day date night.

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