MIDNIGHT MUNCHIES: Where To Get The Best Late-Night Bites in Toronto

MIDNIGHT MUNCHIES: Where To Get The Best Late-Night Bites in Toronto

Photo Credit: @fransrestaurant

Patio season is almost upon us. With the coming long summer days, come the long summer nights as well. If you find yourself out, enjoying the city here in Toronto one evening and get a case of the midnight munchies, take a bite out of our list of favourite spots in the 6ix for a moonlight feast that is sure to satisfy any craving. Now, that's saying a mouthful...

Food For Thought:

1. The Lakeview


Photo Credit: @thelakeviewrestaurant

The Lakeview is a Dundas West after-bar classic whether you were a customer or just getting off work bartending. It's exactly what you'd expect from a greasy spoon--HUGE portions, quick service, and lots of character. Open 24 hours.

2. Smokes Poutinerie


Photo Credit: @smokes_poutinerie

Whether it's an after-bar snack your after to soak up the night's decisions or it's a post-beach snag on the way home from a long day outside, Smoke's has got what you need. They have every kind of poutine you could imagine and they're happy to oblige special requests. You can choose from a wide array of chicken, pork, beef or vegetarian topping. Open until 11 PM Sun-Tues, 3 AM Wed/Thurs, and 4 AM Fri/Sat.

3. Frans


Photo Credit: @fransrestaurant

Frans is a Toronto staple with all the charm of a retro diner and is usually filled around-the-clock. Although their noon-hour patrons differ from their midnight patrons, the fantastic selection and great meals remain the same 24 hours a day.

4. The Thompson Diner


Photo Credit: @thompsondiner

Located in the heart of the very trendy downtown area, the Thompson Diner is the perfect place for a fancy late-night feast. You can never go wrong with their Thompson double stacked burger or mouth-watering white cheddar grilled cheese, but my personal favourite remains their epic truffle mac & cheese. Serving until 3 AM.

5. 7 West Cafe


Photo Credit: @7west_to

You can't mention late-night food in Toronto without immediately thinking about 7 West, their sterling reputation precedes them with their more than 20 years of service and numerous awards. This beautifully decorated cafe has a dynamic menu including breakfast, of course, as well as apps to share, pizza, pasta, and an excellent dessert list. Most importantly, considering the late-night hour, they always make a great cappuccino. Open 24 hours.

6. Food & Liquor


Photo Credit: @foodandliquorto

A more recent addition to the Toronto late-night food scene, Food & Liquor is the place to be for a last-call round and some apps. Their menus are as quirky and creative as the ambience. Serving until 2 AM.


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