Sleep has a great impact in our overall health. Getting enough sleep and good quality sleep can be challenging sometimes. But don’t worry we’re her...
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Sleep Tips For These Trying Times

Sleep Tips For Th...

Summer has moved on but the unease of 2020 seems to refuse to let loose. The pandemic keeps trucking on, extreme weather has caused hurricanes and ...
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Which Sleepenvie is for you?

Which Sleepenvie ...

Most mattress in a box brands have a one shoe fits all mentality. At sleepenvie, we just don't agree. Sleep is crucial to our overall wellbeing, an...
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FALLING INTO BED: Six Sleep Tips For This Season's Slumber


Finally, it feels like fall. The leaves are turning, the air is getting cool and crisp, and the days are beginning to get shorter. It's time to get out your favourite sweaters and enjoy pumpkin-spiced everything.

This weekend, with the aide of Thanksgiving dinner, of course, most of us will sleep very well. But, then what? As some of you may already have discovered, our summer sleep habits just aren't working with the change of the season. Are you beginning to feel tired midday? Having trouble getting out of bed in the morning even though it's your usual wake-up time? It's time to make some seasonal updates to your sleep habits to combat these issues.

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BRIGHT-EYED AND BUSHY-TAILED: Six Ways To Brighten Up Your Bedroom For Spring


Get rid of the winter blues by freshening up your bedroom for spring! We can help you breathe the fresh air of the season into your bedroom decor with our six easy tips so you can wake up fresh as a daisy to the positivity of spring sunshine and fresh blooms.
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BATTLE OF THE SEXES: How Men and Women Sleep Differently


Any couple that shares a bed will tell you that men and women DEFINITELY sleep differently. From temperature to snoring, to who has more trouble falling asleep, and staying asleep and more, we tackle a few key differences in men's and women's sleep and explain why this occurs.
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WORLD SLEEP DAY: An Infographic on How the World Sleeps


Happy World Sleep Day!

How familiar are you with sleep culture? We spend a third of our lives in bed, so we are all experts on our own sleep habits, but have you ever wondered what kind of sleep habits other people have all over the world?

Check out our infographic to find out how the world sleeps!

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FAST ASLEEP: Six Amazing Things Your Body Does While You're Sleeping


Many of us assume that the whole point of sleeping is to get some rest, and while, if you’re lucky, you do wake up feeling rested, your body isn't ‘resting’ at all. While you’re sleeping, it’s very busy preparing you to take on the next day.

You may have noticed that when you don’t get enough sleep, you have less patience and feel more cranky, but a deficiency of sleep can also lead to all sorts of issues like a weakened immune system, memory issues, weight gain and higher susceptibility to more serious health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. This is because you’re not allowing your body enough time to do all the work it needs to in order to prepare you for the next day.

Our advice: give your body enough time to do all of its work while you’re sleeping so that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your day.

Here are six amazing things your body does while you’re sleeping:

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PODCAST: Sleep and Heart Health with Senior Sleep Medicine Physician Dr David Klein

PODCAST: Sleep an...

Sleep not only affects your mood and cognitive ability but, it also hugely contributes to your physical health in many ways. Joy Elena, Sleepenvie founder and Dr David Klein, Senior Sleep Medicine Physician at MedSleep Canada, Board certified in sleep medicine and assistant professor of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Toronto, chat with the Sleep Forum about how sleep affects our health, the health benefits you can realise when getting a good sleep, how to get the sleep you need and more!

Prioritise your health this year by getting great sleep.

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WHAT HAPPENS UNDER THE COVERS: Bed Sharing Tips for New Relationships


As the seasons begin to change and the weather gets colder, it gets easier and easier to slowly snuggle your way into winter hibernation mode. It can be very comforting and lovely, spending your nights getting cosy, especially when your relationship is new, but, there are a few things you should keep in mind when sharing a bed with your partner so you can both get the rest you need to be happy, healthy and enjoy all the fun things there are to do this fall.
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WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING: Six Strange Things That Happen While You Sleep


A ‘normal’ night’s sleep is all relative to what you’re used to. For some, this means waking up refreshed in the same position in which you fell asleep. Others are not always so lucky--sleep can get a little weird.

Have you ever woken up suddenly because you felt like you were falling? What about raiding your fridge while still sound asleep? You’re not alone. Check out our list below of strange things that happen while we are sleeping.

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HOW TO SLEEP SMARTER: Sleep in a Fast-Paced, Digital World


Let's face it: today, we live in a highly interconnected and digital world.

We are supposed to be available almost 24/7, running around with our cell phones, answering texts and emails and watching YouTube videos late at night.

The downside?

Sleep is often seen as an obstacle, many times neglected and not taken seriously. Nowadays, most people can’t wind down and sleep well at night.

Let’s consider some stats from the US National Sleep Foundation...

Did you know that 48% of Americans report insomnia occasionally? What’s even stronger is that 22% of them say to have insomnia almost EVERY night.

Aren’t these numbers crazy?

Nevertheless, research shows that quality sleep is a critical factor for success and well-being. A good night's sleep strengthens your immune system, boosts your metabolism and raises your energy levels for a productive next day at work.

If you CAN’T fall asleep at night and this happens regularly, you risk all kinds of health issues, including obesity, diabetes, depression and even cardiovascular diseases.


You can work your way around.

In his book “Sleep Smarter”, Shawn Stevenson recommends 21 proven strategies to optimise your sleep. The principles of this book have been applied by high-performing entrepreneurs such as Tim Ferriss, Lewis Howes and Pat Flynn.

Below, I will explain the three most important strategies, using two fictional characters: Jim and John.

To be clear: Jim does everything wrong and doesn’t sleep well. John does things right and sleeps like a baby.

Ready? Let’s go.

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