BRIGHT-EYED AND BUSHY-TAILED: Six Ways To Brighten Up Your Bedroom For Spring

BRIGHT-EYED AND BUSHY-TAILED: Six Ways To Brighten Up Your Bedroom For Spring

Get rid of the winter blues by freshening up your bedroom for spring! We can help you breathe the fresh air of the season into your bedroom decor with our six easy tips so you can wake up fresh as a daisy to the positivity of spring sunshine and fresh blooms.

1. Let in the light.

Trade out heavy winter window-treatments for something sheerer so you can wake up more naturally to sunshine. After the short, dark days of winter, waking up to natural light beats an alarm clock any day! Use a pull-down blind to postpone your wake-up a few hours for sleep-in days ;).

2. Enjoy spring blooms.

Treat yourself to a bouquet of fresh cut flowers and put them in a vase on your nightstand. They will smell great! You can also pick up some succulents for your window ledge--they are very low maintenance to look after, they will last much longer than fresh cut flowers and they will add oxygen to your bedroom.

3. Switch up your sheets.

Trade out your cozy flannel winter sheets for lighter cotton spring sheets. The weather is getting warmer, so you won’t need such warm sheets any more.

4. Update your throw pillows.

A quick, easy and inexpensive way to bring the colours of the season into your bedroom is with throw pillows. Add a few to your bed (and put away winter throw pillows if you have them) to brighten up the room.

5. Add spring aromatherapy.

Bring in the scent of the season AND fall asleep more easily with the soothing effects of lavender aromatherapy. Our ultra-comfy Violet pillow is infused with lavender aromatherapy to help lull you to sleep naturally with the gentle scent of a spring day.

6. Deep clean.

Get rid of winter dust, clean your windows so you can open them up and let in some fresh air, shake out rugs, replace light bulbs--do some serious spring cleaning in your bedroom so it feels bright and new again. It will feel great when it’s done!


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