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Maybe you want to know which mattress to buy to make sure you sleep comfortably, or maybe you just want to see which mattress we think you should get. No matter the case, this handy short quiz is ready to reveal which mattress is the best possible fit for you! Our mattress firmness quiz will help you find out whether you need something firm or soft. By the end of the quiz we’ll tell you exactly what mattress to buy based on your answers.

Get started on your mattress firmness quiz here! We are certain you’ll find the mattress of your dreams.

Need Help Choosing a mattress?

We can help guide you with our simple questionnaire.

What position do you prefer to sleep in?

  • A. Combination Sleeper (back/side/stomach) - A semi firm mattress is recommended.
  • B. Side Sleeper - A plush mattress is recommended.
  • C. Stomach Sleeper - A firm mattress is recommended.

Your Answer:

Which speaks comfort to you?

  • A. Pile of feathers
  • B. Clouds in the sky
  • C. Blanket on the beach

Your Answer:

Which statement describes you best?

  • A. I'm a light sleeper and I tend to get hot at night.
  • B. I like the responsiveness of foam and the support of a spring mattress.
  • C. I like my mattress to conform to my body 's natural curves, and I'm NOT a fan of that sinking feeling.

Your Answer:

Do you sleep alone?

  • A. Yes.
  • B. No.

Your Answer:

Your recommended mattress is a