THE MOTHER OF ALL GIFT GUIDES: Six Thoughtful Gift's to Give Mom This Mother's Day

THE MOTHER OF ALL GIFT GUIDES: Six Thoughtful Gift's to Give Mom This Mother's Day

Shower Mom with love this Mother’s Day with the help of our Mother’s Day gift guide. She deserves the very best this year (and every year) so, we’ve curated a gift guide that will help her rest, relax and recharge; she’s spent her life taking very good care of you, we found six special items that will help you take care of her. There is something for every Mom on your list whether it’s your Mom, grandmother, mother-in-law or a mother-to-be and to accommodate every budget.

Happy Mother’s Day and happy shopping! Promo code inside.

    1. Violet Pillow.


    Do one better than a bouquet of fresh flowers, give Mom a Sleepenvie Violet pillow. It’s infused with the gentle scent of lavender to help lull her to sleep with aromatherapy. It’s incredibly comfortable and smells great! Use promo code LOVEMOM for one free pillow with purchase any pillow purchase until May 14.

    2. Slipsilk Pure Silk Pillowcase.


    Sometimes, even when we get great sleep, we wake up with major bed head and dry, damaged skin from our cotton pillowcases. This Slipsilk Pure Silk Pillowcase will help Mom take beauty sleep to the next level. It's an anti-ageing, anti-sleep crease, anti-bed head pillowcase that's like getting an eight-hour beauty treatment every night.

    3. Hush Blanket.


    What Mother hasn’t experienced some trouble sleeping? Hush is an amazing way to help her sleep the way she helped you sleep when you were small. The Hush weighted blanket helps to ease anxiety so she can drift off to sleep and get the rest she needs to enjoy her days to the fullest.

    4. Brooklinen Cotton Percale Sheets.


    Just in time for the warm nights of summer, make her whole bed feel like the cold side of the pillow with Brooklinen cotton percale sheets. They are breathable with a cool and crisp 'hotel' feel and come with a lifetime warranty! They are awesome for hot sleepers and guaranteed to add a chic, sophisticated vibe Mom's bedroom decor.

    5. Sofie Mattress.


    The foundation of great sleep is a great mattress. And, the lifespan of a mattress is 7-10 years; beyond that time frame, a mattress begins to lose its shape and accumulates quite a significant amount of allergens and dust mites. It can also be a big purchase, so many Mom’s forgo buying themselves a new mattress to make, in their eyes, more pressing purchases for the household. If you can’t remember the last time your Mom got a new mattress, it may be time to get her a new one. The Sleepenvie Sofie mattress is not only comfortable and supportive but is also made with a cooling technology which is perfect for hot sleepers! And, we now offer financing!

    6. Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet.


    If your Mom has an issue sleeping or with anxiety, the Philip Stein sleep bracelet is the way to go. It helps to calm the mind and body using their patented natural frequency technology. She can just put on the bracelet 45 min before bedtime and she will be able to feel the difference. It’s also a beautiful piece of jewellery AND is fabulous to calm her nerves in any anxiety-inducing situation, like air travel for example.


    Sleepenvie is a Toronto-based online mattress-in-a-box and bedroom lifestyle brand that focuses on customization, convenience, and charitable contribution.

    We make the mattress-buying process easy by delivering it directly to your door in one easy-to-handle compact box. We strongly believe in customizability, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. An easy one-minute quiz matches you to the ideal mattress for your lifestyle and sleep habits.

    Check us out online at and on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest at @Sleepenvie. Sweet dreams!

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