CONQUER THE COLD: Six Winter Sleep Tips

CONQUER THE COLD: Six Winter Sleep Tips

With the excitement of the holidays behind us and the short days of winter on the horizon, our sleep habits must change with the season to ensure we will continue to get a good sleep even during the cold winters’ nights.

A good night’s sleep is especially important during the colder months so that we can keep our immune systems up so we can fight off colds and viruses that often accompany the season to be healthy, happy and successful in the new year.

Conquer the cold this winter with our six easy sleep tips:

1. Control the temperature of your bedroom.

It can be very tempting, in the coldest winter months especially, to crank the heat in your bedroom to make it extra warm and cozy to overcompensate for the chilly temperature outside--as sound as that logic may seem, the ideal sleeping temperature to keep your bedroom is 18-21’C at the most. If your bedroom is warmer than that, your sleep can become disturbed by sweating in the night and kicking off blankets. We recommend that you switch your sheets from cotton to flannel, for a cozier feel, but only use an extra blanket when needed and keep your temperature under 21’C for sleeping.

2. Only crawl into your bed at bedtime.

This is much easier said than done when you get home from work at 6:00 PM when it’s pitch black and freezing cold--sometimes you may just want to crawl in to warm up. The issue here is that, and many of us have fallen into this trap, it’s just so nice in there that you fall asleep and take an evening nap then have a real tough time falling asleep at bedtime. With it being so dark for so many more hours than the summer, it’s especially important to avoid extra sleep during the day and in the evening because your body is already being tricked and feeling extra tired by the lack of natural light. Try and avoid naps and hanging out in bed during the day to make it easier to fall asleep at night.

3. Be mindful of heavy nighttime snacks.

It’s very common for people to over-indulge on nighttime snacks during the winter simply because we’re stuck inside for many more hours then we would be in the summer. This increase in snacking and decrease in physical activity often results in gaining a few extra pounds over the winter months but can also seriously impact your sleep. When you’re sleeping, your body is supposed to be resting and repairing from the days' activities rather than digesting extra late-night snacks. So, to ensure you’re not compromising your quality of sleep, eat lighter in the evening and try to be done all your eating 1-2 hours before you want to sleep.

4. Draft-proof your bedroom.

On extra cold nights, a draft from your window or from under a door can disturb peaceful sleep. Make sure you’ve made all necessary adjustments in your bedroom (covering windows, etc.) to prevent cold drafts from disturbing your sleep.

5. Monitor air quality.

Winter air can often be dry, causing dry skin and nighttime coughing, which can wake you up and prevent you from sleeping. If you find this to be the case for you, run a humidifier in the bedroom. Now, ‘cool air’ humidifiers are available, rather than only units using steam, so you are still able to control the temperature in your bedroom.

6. Find a way to exercise during the day.

It’s not a nice feeling to lay down to sleep and feel physically restless. For those who don’t like going out in the cold, it can be difficult to hit your ‘step goal’ for the day and get the activity you need to tire you out at night. If you find this to be an issue during the cold winter months, try an exercise app at home, go to a mall or large indoor public space to walk around or join a gym. It doesn’t have to be outdoor exercise, but daily exercise is very important to get quality sleep.


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