IN BED WITH: Playboy Playmate Charlotte Lambert

IN BED WITH: Playboy Playmate Charlotte Lambert

Charlotte Lambert was born and raised in Burbank, California before moving to the Sunshine State, where she continued to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming part of the Playboy family. She landed her debut with Playboy in 2005 and became a Playmate in 2014. Along with her modelling aspirations, she is an animal-lover-turned-activist. Currently, she spends time sharing awareness and education but has plans of creating and operating a rescue animal sanctuary.

1. As an outsider looking in, the life of a Playboy Playmate seems incredibly glamorous and exciting! What do you enjoy most about your career? How did you become a Playmate?

I’ve wanted to be a Playmate since I was five. It has literally been a lifelong dream. When I was 18, I started auditioning for Playboy. At 19, I was published for the first time for and then at 21 I was published in three special editions print issues for Playboy. Almost 10 years later I became a Playmate - Miss October 2014 for PlayboyMX. I think what I enjoy most about it is being a long time part of the Playboy family. It’s one of the most incredible and welcoming group of humans I have ever known. It’s just really special.

2. Being an internationally renowned model must require a considerable amount of travel. How do you combat jet-lag when you’re on location so you can arrive at your shoot looking fresh and rested?

Drink plenty of water! This means before and after your trip. Travelling dehydrates you, so staying hydrated and eating healthy makes a huge difference in the way you look and feel, even if you do miss out on a little bit of sleep.

3. In your opinion, does ‘beauty sleep’ truly exist? How does sleep impact appearance? Do you have a specific nightly beauty routine?

Your body absolutely needs to rest. I typically only sleep four to five hours a night. I feel completely rested with that. I definitely believe in beauty rest. It shows in a shoot if your eyes are tired. And for me, just like with any job, if you take it seriously - you’ll be well prepared. Which means going to bed at a decent time the night before; washing your face before bed no matter how tired you are is so important. I think it’s just about an overall healthy routine and respect for your body.

4. Having the opportunity to work with such incredibly talented designers, what do you wear to bed? Are you pro-pyjamas?

I’m always cold but I also love to be naked - so I’m like a panties and sweatshirt kinda girl. If I can get away with just the panties on a warm day - I'm all in!

5. As a newlywed sharing your bed with your partner, how to you keep your bedroom a sensual space? I know so many of us are guilty of watching TV and just hanging out in bed because it’s so cosy--what advice can you give couples that have just moved in together to keep the romance alive?

We decided not to keep a TV in our bedroom. We kept everything very simple and clean. We have all white bedding and just a really nice calming aesthetic. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. Everyone is different but for us this is what works. We also truly believe in always trying for one another and compromise. We have been together for 11 years and I still hurry up and put on lip gloss before we hop into bed. It’s the little things. Keep it fun and sexy! Communication is key. If you don’t like that your partner leaves the shower curtain open - say it! This is something that we stuck to from day one and it makes all of the difference in the world- and then instead of it being a stressful thing - it can be fun and playful. I’m a sucker about the shower curtain and my wife will run past me real fast and close it if she accidentally leaves it open. It always makes us laugh. And, pick your battles!

Again, for us - it’s really loving to do things for one another and continuing to try because the other person matters to us so much. Sleeping naked or close together is great as well. It’s nice that that’s what you get to wake up to first thing in the morning.

You might not always want to have sex at the same time but it’s okay to give in a little sometimes. We all have different needs- pay attention to your partner.

Again, compromise and communication 🖤.

6. After a long day of work, when you can finally lay down in your own bed, what’s your secret to sweet dreams?

Meditating is so great. I like to do affirmations before I fall asleep. Really take everything in, breath it out and affirm all of the incoming energy for the next day it is positive. Your mind is so powerful. Meditating just really lets my body settle into a peaceful space.

A great mattress makes a huge difference as well. My wife and I had a terrible mattress for years and it makes a peaceful sleep a little more difficult.


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