ESPRESSO YOURSELF! Your Guide to Coffee in The 6IX

ESPRESSO YOURSELF! Your Guide to Coffee in The 6IX


Wrapping our hands around a freshly brewed cup of coffee makes a coffee lover's heart glow. We are a fiercely loyal lot, coveting that tall, dark, rich beverage each morning... and sometimes afternoon ;). We rely on it for fuel, to brighten our mood and to motivate us throughout the day. It's our secret weapon.

We survive the week on Timmies and Starbucks, Nespresso and our Keurigs along with various other grab-and-go cups, but, if you have time to stay a while, Toronto has a robust coffee culture of cool independent cafes! Whether you are simply seeking a quiet sip solo, having a catch-up sesh with a friend, or on a date, a local cafe is your perfect destination.

Below is an exclusive guide to some of the best cafes in the city. They are all completely devoted to serving the best fair trade coffee by incredibly talent baristas. Seriously, best coffee I've ever had. They all differ in ambience but share a common goal: to serve amazing coffee. Check them out! Happy sipping!

1. Balzac's

Balzacs--best coffee in the 6ix@tshurr

Although Balzac's has 11 locations (and counting) in the city, the Distillery District cafe is my absolute favourite for two reasons: the exceptional ambience, and I feel the location best embodies the spirit of the brand. The name Balzac's was inspired by French novelist Honore de Balzac, a lifelong coffee aficionado who attributed much of his creative success to coffee fuelling his writing sessions. The location has an industrial artistic vibe and, being located in a historic district, is rooted in history.


2. Darkhorse Espresso

Dark Horse--best coffee in the

These beautifully light-filled cafes are anything but dark. They have high ceilings, lots of hardwood, and a very warm post-modern vibe. Ever expanding, they have 6 locations in the city so far. Check their website to see which is closet to you!


3. Boxcar Social

Boxcar--best coffee in the 6ix

If you are going on a coffee date and you're looking for a really cool and trendy spot, hit up Boxcar! It's a cafe that is also a relaxed, low-key bar so, you can toss some Baileys in your coffee if it's going well... or if it isn't ;). They have 3 locations in the city so check their website to see which is closest to you.


4.Crema Cafe

CREMA--best coffee in the 6ix


If it's art and java you seek, look no further! This Junction oasis is both a gallery and a coffee bar.


5. Dineen Coffee Co

DINEEN--best coffee in the 6ix@dineencoffeeco

If you're seeking a posh post-shopping sip, this is the spot to be. This gorgeous cafe located in a historic building is beautifully designed with bistro tables, red leather banquets, and high ceilings. They also have a fantastic patio for summertime people-watching and delicious pastries if you want a little something sweet with your coffee.



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