'Tis the season to curl up under the covers and hide from the cold winter's weather. Make your bedroom an oasis of coziness with these 10 easy tips:

1. Keep lighting soft. It's time to put harsh overhead lighting into hibernation, and bust out the candles, lamps, and/or adorable string lights for a soft twinkle.


2. Remember that cringe you feel when you jump out of bed and your toes hit the cold floor? Yikes! The comfort of a warm, fuzzy area rug will rescue you from that sensation all season long.


3. 1 blanket is cozy, 2 is cozier. Think: giant comfy sweater that you can crawl into. Play with textures; don't be afraid to mix soft faux fur with a heavy knit.


4. Invest in some quality linen-it really does make a huge difference!


5. Pillowtalk! Throw in some fun and cheeky pillowcases that make you smile.


6. Since the bed will be the focus of the room, declutter other areas so the bedroom doesn't look messy.


7. If light colours make a room look bigger, use dark colours to create a cozier vibe.


8. Step up your curtain game; they are your armour between your toasty oasis and the bitter cold seeping in from your window (not to mention the extra brightness reflecting off the snow).


9. Decorate with things that warm your heart, like family photos, pretty plants, books, and special items that add a personal touch.


10. Last but not least, next time you have the opportunity to stay in, relax and watch some Netflix in your new snuggle-sanctuary, invite your teddybear or furry friend to join you #thesnuggleisreal.


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