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'Tis the season to celebrate! And, unfortunately with all the festive holiday fun, comes the notorious holiday party hangover. Bar-humbug!
Check out our list of the best local hangover cures for every scenario. Be it hair of the dog, a greasy afternoon bite or a late night snack; our list will help you survive the season.
Fight Fire With Fire:
The Best Caesar in The 6ix
A true cure, in title and in function, this bad boy, almost equal parts hooch, Clamato, and garnish, is sure to heal what ales you. The Absolut Cure at Hunter's Landing is a double shot of Absolut vodka topped up with Clamato and garnished with a slice of pizza, a lobster tail, bacon, cheese and veg for only $16 Saturdays and Sundays between 11a.m.-3p.m. at Hunter's Landing.
Hydrate with a Health Cure: Bolt's 'After Party'
If your party was 'on a school night' and you need an on-the-go cure to grab on your way to the office, pick up an After Party from Bolt Fresh Bar. It's specially designed by ELXR Juice Lab to hydrate in a hurry. This incredible concoction is $10 and available Mon-Fri 7a.m.-9p.m. and Sat-Sun 9a.m-9p.m. at Bolt Fresh Bar.
All Night Long
 If it's before bed carbs you seek to soak up the celebrating, head to Old School. They're open all night and serve legendary late night eats like their ridiculously tasty Mac + Cheese Cobbler and their poutine stuffed grilled cheese (yes, seriously) among many other incredible treats. Their late nigh fare ranges from $12-$18 and food is served 24 hours on weekends.
Easy Like Sunday Morning
After all the madness of Saturday night antics, my favourite place to be (other than bed, of course) is a barstool at Barque Smokehouse. The entire place just smells like Sunday with the aroma of brunch and the smokehouse filling the air. On the TV's behind the bar, you can usually find cartoons on the weekends and your coffee is served to you in cute mismatched mugs. By absolute chance, the last time I was there, my mug even had my name on it :). My favourite cure-all on the menu is the Barque Benny with 12 hour smoked briskit and a poached egg on cornbread topped with bbq hollandaise. As they say in cartoons, Aaaahoooga! The fare on the brunch menu ranges from $9-$16 and is available Sat-Sun 10a.m.-2p.m. at Barque Smokehouse.
And Finally, Dr. Feelgood
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If you are in such a sorry state that anything beyond traveling to you front door seems completely impossible (hey, no judgment, we've all been there!) our Dr. Feelgood is UberEats. Download the app and in as little as 35min your cure will be delivered to your doorstep. They work with more than 100 restaurants in the GTA and the app makes ordering super easy! It is also hooked up to your bank account so paying is done with a tap on your phone and delivery is included in the price.
We hope our list will help you combat your hangovers this season. Have a safe and happy holiday!


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