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Why do we call it beauty sleep? Because overnight, our skin rests, repairs, and recovers from the days damage, allowing us to wake up looking and feeling refreshed and radiant.. well, most of the time ;).
Add our tips to your nighttime beauty routine, and wake up with that beautiful glow.
1. Say goodnight to all of your makeup. Remove all of your makeup before you go to bed-even the mascara! First, wash with warm water and soap to remove the makeup and clean the dirt and out out of your pores. Then, rinse with cold water to tighten pores and firm skin to prevent oil from clogging pores while you sleep. 
2. Weekly purifying masks.
Of the many on the market, these are my favourite three. I find them to be most effective and they are specially designed for night time use:
First Aide Beauty's Facial Radiance Overnight Mask

$47. Available in store and online at Sephora;
Smooth evenly over your face and leave overnight for it to work its' magic! It can be used nightly as part of your routine, but a couple times a week would also work very well. This treatment is designed to improve your overall complexion by brightening, hydrating, and deeply nourishing the skin.
Sephora Collection Face Masks

$8. Available in store and online at Sephora;
These masks have an amazing value at only $8 each and there are 8 different varieties, each with their own active ingredient targeting a specific skin concern. Perfect for girls nights! My favourite is the Lotus Face Mask. It is an amazing secret weapon when you're feeling a little stressed! It is works with hydration to reduce visible signs of fatigue for a carefree and perfectly rested appearance even if that isn't exactly the case ;).
Clinique Pore Refining Solution Charcoal Mask

$33. Available in store and online at Sephora;
Apply the mask to clean dry skin, being careful to avoid to eyes. Leave it on for approximately 10 min, rinse well, and voila! This mask is designed to detox the skin by absorbing the oils, impurities and pollutants.
3. All eyes on you.
When I thought about eye cream, I always imagined it was something that specifically targeted wrinkles. Not any more! Applying and taking off makeup, air pollutants and air quality, temperature change, dehydration, stress and fatigue is all very hard on your skin! A specialized nighttime eye cream is your best weapon, combine with rest-of course, against all of those issues.
Icelandic Relief Eye Cream by Skyn Iceland

$49. Available in store and online at Sephora;
Apply by patting gently under the eye at night and/or in the morning. This moisture and nutrient rich cream targets the 'big three' eye care concerns: puffiness, fine lines and dark circles and has a lovely cooling effect. There is also an Eye Relief pen available for relief on the go!
Icelandic Relief Eye Pen by Skyn Iceland


$25. Available in store and online at Sephora;
4. Protect your touch.
In the winter, our hands get especially dry. Combine that with the frequent hand washing that comes with city living and your poor paws will need some serious attention. By moisturizing at night, you can help to repair the skin and improve nail and cuticle health.
Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream

$20. Available in store and online at Sephora;
Apply to hands and nails nightly for best results. Moisturizing ingredients and antioxidants leave skin soft and nourished. 
5. Ban Bedhead.
Smooth while you snooze by sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase. The soft and delicate fibres you find in silk and satin hinder friction between your hair and the pillowcase which prevents breakage, smooths hair, significantly decreases frizz, and adds shine. This incredible little beauty hack only takes one simple change to see amazing results immediately. There are products available to fit every budget:
Rest and Renew Satin Pillow Protector

$9.99. Available in store and online at Bed Bath and Beyond;
Slipsilk Pure Silk Pillowcase by slip for beauty sleep

$110 in queen sized. Available in store and online from Nordstrom; 
6. And finally, simply sleep :).
Get that ever-coveted beauty sleep we were talking about! Give your body time to recharge so you wake up feeling refreshed.
Goodnight, Beauties!
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