WANDERLUST: Talking Travel with Lifestyle Influencer Yesha Shah

WANDERLUST: Talking Travel with Lifestyle Influencer Yesha Shah

Yesha Shah, creator of the @cozy.and.pretty Instagram account, is a lifestyle, beauty, and travel enthusiast with a passion for sharing! We recently sat down together and spoke about social media, travel, and more! 

1. You clearly put a lot of effort in your Instagram page and visuals! What was your inspiration or motivation to start Cozy and Pretty?

It was honestly because I really like aesthetics and every time I walk around the streets of Toronto or wherever I am, whether it's at home, it's outside, in my travels, I just like looking at architecture and art. So, I realized that there was a crowd out there that enjoys this kind of content and I'm part of that crowd as well! I figured, why don't I just start sharing my own experiences and so, when COVID-19 hit I decided to go for it and that’s how it all began.

2. As a content creator, what is your take on the creative and social space in 2022?

It's such a hot debate right now because a lot of people are getting burnt out. They think social media is just noise or that it's toxic, but I really think there's a lot of pros to it at the same time. You get exposure to things that are not from your day-to-day life. I follow a lot of travel blogs and travel accounts and I get to explore and see things I didn't even know existed! I think the same goes for literally every aspect of your life, whether it's sports, travel, literature, or whatever you're interested in. I really think the onus is on the individual itself to figure out a good balance. So, I think social media has its advantages, and I think they tend to outweigh the negatives in my opinion.

3. You've showcased some beautiful destinations on your feed and travel is definitely a big part of your life! What's been your favorite destination and why?

You know that's such a hard question to answer, there really are so many amazing destinations, but I do have two that stand out. One of them is Rome in Italy. I absolutely loved it! Again, I'm a sucker for history and architecture so, the minute I stepped foot there I had a hard time putting away my phone because I'm constantly taking photos and just taking it all in!

Another place that I absolutely loved is Rajasthan, India which has tremendous history and a lot of ancient palaces that have been restored or even converted into hotels. You can really go back in time and imagine what it must have been like to be royalty!

4. All that travel can definitely be exhausting! How do you normally wind down and get ready for the next day? 

Honestly, that's the downside about travel that's not necessarily highlighted on social media. The exhaustion that builds up because you're constantly trying to chase flights or your reservations. It's so important to get your sleep and I always try to stay hydrated and get at least seven hours of sleep during my travels. Fortunately, I'm the kind of person that when I'm tired, I could sleep through anything. I find myself blessed for that reason!

5. So, where to next? 

I have a very long bucket list, but the one destination I really want to visit is Jordan. I really want to see the old treasury in Petra. There's just so much history and culture in the Middle East that I would absolutely love to experience!


For more about Yesha Shah you can find her on Instagram @cozy.and.pretty 


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