IN BED WITH: Panthita & Gummy

IN BED WITH: Panthita & Gummy

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of speaking with Pupfluencer and Rescue Dog Family Panthita & Gummy ( @gummythepit ) about Gummy’s rescue story, Pit Bulls, and more!

1. Tell us about Gummy & her rescue journey!

My husband and I were initially going to foster a different Pit Bull but when we showed up, they told us that they had been adopted already. That’s when they told us about Gummy and that she was due to be put down the next day. So, of course we decided to provide her with a foster home. Over time months went by and nobody had wanted to take her in yet, so we decided to give her a forever home!

2. What inspired her name, Gummy?  

She actually got her name from the previous foster home. The previous home had kids, and she would always steal their gummy bears, so they named her Gummy and we stuck with it!

3. Pit bulls can often be misunderstood or misrepresented. What has your experience been like? 

Before I owned a Pit Bull, I only had owned Dalmatians and I always heard how Pit Bulls were this really dangerous and aggressive dog. However, when we got Gummy, I was shocked because she was even sweeter than my Dalmatian! Even now, we still have some bad experiences when walking Gummy. We’ve gotten yelled at for not having a muzzle on her, or you just see people are apprehensive to get close to us even though she shows no signs of aggression and isn't even doing anything. I think it’s just that some owners don’t take the proper time to maintain a proper life for these types of dogs. We always ensure that Gummy has the opportunity to get her energy out and be active and play. We actually walk her 3 times a day for around 45 minutes each time!

4. What inspired you to document Gummy’s journey

Well, when I adopted Gummy, my parents were actually worried for me, so I decided I kind of wanted to create another image for Pit Bulls. We love putting her in pink garments and making her look cute. We also get a lot of DMs and questions from people who are interested in Pit Bulls, so we try to help others as much as we can too.

5. What's your most cherished memory with Gummy?

For me, it’s when we went to the beach for the first time. She was rescued from Harlem, so she wasn’t used to being near a beach or the ocean. When she saw the water, she just ran into the ocean and started swimming and it was really cute. I didn’t even know that she could actually swim! 


For more about Panthita & Gummy, you can find them on Instagram @gummythepit


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