IN BED WITH: Lora Currie of Driftwood Decor

IN BED WITH: Lora Currie of Driftwood Decor

Lora, founder of Driftwood Decor, is a wife and Mum to 3 + 1 fur baby with an affection for coffee, music and people and a beautiful touch with decor. She is the rare kind of person you meet for the first time and you could swear you were old friends; absolutely the perfect person to help you make your house feel like a home.

"Decorating is in my bones, I can’t go anywhere without admiring the décor. I love the summer and the water, but December is my favourite month."

1. We adore your style! Has decor been a lifelong passion for you? What inspired you to start your business?

I have adored decorating since I was a little girl. Since I was eight years old, I would close my door and move my dresser and bed around the room, trying to style it the best way possible for a fresh new look. I even remember sprinkling baby powder on my dresser to create a snowy winter vignette. As a busy Mum of three, I knew that I wanted to continue to be home with my kids and, I also found that I was doing most of my shopping online (when they were asleep or at sports activities). I decided that if shopping online was helping me out, an online boutique would also help other busy individuals who couldn’t make it to the shops during regular “business hours”.

2. What do you enjoy most about your work?

I love my clients! I am so excited to meet people in person or via email and help them decorate a space that they will love. It’s exciting to see the final “ah-ha” moment when the space comes together; it’s like Christmas morning for them and for me!

3. With fall right around the corner, what are some of your favourite decor tips for a fun bedroom update this season?

Fall is a great time to get cozy. The first thing I recommend is warm bedding--nothing is cozier than a big fluffy duvet! I love to decorate with a white cover; it allows you to work with any colour scheme that you choose and, you change it as often as you please.

When decorating your bed, work with layers, add a chunky throw blanket and pretty pillows with texture and tones that speak to you. Lighting is also very important. Be sure to have table lamps that shed enough light if you are working or reading in bed. If you would like something cozier, add the soft glow of a candle. I love scented candles, of course, I only use or recommend Driftwood Decor’s 100% Organic Soy wax candles. They are scented with essential oils and burn with a cotton wick, which means that they are completely natural and won’t aggravate headaches or allergies. Peppermint is a great one to burn in the bedroom as it helps you to unwind and relax. Flowers are always a good idea--fresh or faux.

Bedroom Decor

4. Aside from the classic pumpkin, autumn leaves, and earth tone themes we often see at this time of year, what are your most loved emerging fall decor themes we can expect to see?

This fall you are going to see lots of white pumpkins mixed in with blush tones, soft green/blues, and greys. Of course, you won’t always find the “exact” shade you are looking for, that is where craft paints come in handy. You can pop over to your local craft store or dollar store and purchase as many pumpkins as you choose....paint them up and you have your very own personalized accessory. Of course, nature always has a home in décor: flowers, branches, apples and believe it or not you will see a lot of peaches in décor as well. Textured throw pillows and macramé wall hangings are also extremely popular.

Don’t get overwhelmed and remember sometimes less is more!

5. How do you like to spend a cozy fall evening in the GTA?

As a Mum of three, cozy evenings usually involve backyard fires or trips out for hot chocolate. In the daytime apple picking, trips to the pumpkin patch, and hay-rides are the fave.

6. What is your secret to sweet dreams?

I have to laugh that this is a question, as I just told a friend on Saturday that nothing makes me happier than this: windows open, clean sheets, a fluffy duvet, being freshly showered and candles lit! That is the recipe for a fab sleep. Of course, we all know the key ingredient to this recipe is the mattress.....without that the night is ruined!

7. What is your favourite breakfast in bed for a fall sleep-in day?

Seeing as I don’t typically eat breakfast, I always view it as a luxurious treat if it’s a slow Sunday morning. If I am making it: Cinnabon – bought from the store and coffee. If hubby is making it: omelettes, french toast, fresh fruit, bacon, coffee and OJ – or champagne and OJ if I’m spoiled ;).



Driftwood Decor is an online Boutique that ships all across Canada and the USA. Products are always changing, so don’t forget to check back in frequently. They carry Canadian handbpoured 100% Organic Soy Wax candles that are scented with essential oils and use a cotton wick. They are completely natural and burn even and clean.

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