IN BED WITH: Kyle Andrew

IN BED WITH: Kyle Andrew

An intimate interview with model, actor, and social media marketing master Kyle Andrew. He is a Hamilton native with a passion for photography and the arts, animals, and philanthropy.

1. After appearing on this season of Bachelorette Canada, what is next for you?

I’m going to continue to wander North America searching for a kind of love that has so tragically escaped me... Totally kidding. I would really like to stay in the media to pursue other opportunities in TV and see where that wave takes me. It was a lot of fun being on that show and getting to know these people. I was fascinated by the production process and feel the itch to return to the screen. Additionally, I remain single which is probably for the best right now. My Sleep Envie mattress is so comfortable, I don’t take sharing it lightly 😉.

2. Has photography always been a passion of yours? Which side of the lens do you prefer to be on?

Photography is important to me. It's an awesome creative outlet and something I enjoy sharing. I’ve been developing my skills for well over a decade, and video is something that is becoming increasingly interesting to me. It is true when they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I think at this point spending so much time on either side of the lens has given me a respect understanding for both sides. My knowledge of photography helps me be a better photographic subject, and my familiarity with being photographed makes me a better photographer.

3. Clearly, you are a cat person 😉. Tell us about Lord Thundercuddles and Miss Moneypenny. How did you come up with their names?

I’m a cat person because my lifestyle is best suited to having them, I simply don’t have the time nor ability to care for a dog properly. But that said, It came by my love of cats honestly because, in my family, they have been present my entire life. Miss Moneypenny came first (she was the cat that appeared on the Bachelorette with me) and she got her name for several reasons. First, I’m obsessed with James Bond. My plan was to always get her first, then adopt a male black and white tuxedo cat and name him 'Double Oh Seven'. Secondly, the name just suited her. She gives out her affection in very small doses, and there is something unattainable about it, very similar to James Bond’s relationship with the real Miss Moneypenny. Lord Thundercuddles came next. I fell in love with his big dopey ears (he eventually grew into them) on Kijiji and when I went to meet him I adopted him immediately. I was warned that he was rather talkative which I later learned was a product of his just being happy to be alive. He was apparently found nearly dead in a field by two Rottweilers who were off their leashes. One of the dogs carried him back to its owner in their mouth and he was rescued and put through the system. His name was a byproduct of me realizing that he was always going to be loud and make his presence known, kind of like thunder. Or I was slipped a magical brownie... I honestly can’t remember which, but I usually call him LT for short.

4. Hamilton has really been growing and changing in these past couple years and has become quite an up-and-coming place. What do you love about your city? Where are your favourite places to go?

Hamilton is the ‘hottest’ city in this country for very good reason right now. Its renaissance is being driven by cultural staples like food, music and art. The food scene in this city right now is second to none and in my opinion, it’s at the root of the Renaissance. We also play host to some very forward thinking developers who are transforming this city while keeping the spirit of its blue-collar history in place. It makes me laugh when people from outside the city still refer to it as a 'Steel Town'. It isn’t. It has become the anchor of the 'golden horseshoe' and it's not slowing down anytime soon. Our city has so many designated areas to find yourself lost in food, arts, and entertainment. A few of those are Locke Street South, Ottawa Street, Hess Village, James Street North and South, The King William Corridor… it just goes on and on these days. I find myself out for dinner in the James Street North and King William Corridor at least once a week.

5. What's your secret to sweet dreams?

I have quite a specific bedtime routine that I take very seriously as to me, quality sleep lays at the foundation of a productive and successful life. The first thing I always do is a dynamic mobility routine, basically rolling on the floor for five minutes to iron out the creeks in my ageing and active body haha. Then I put my phone into do not disturb mode and set my alarm. I’m a light sleeper and can’t risk having my screen light up or my phone vibrate on the nightstand and waking me up. I have a very strict no screens in bed rule, which means no phone, no laptop, no TV allowed. I change my sheets every four days for maximum comfort and I always read myself to sleep as I feel it shuts me down quicker than anything else. My relationship with Sleep Envie came at a crucial time in my life where I suddenly got very busy and distracted and sleep went from something that I just did by default to something that I needed to start taking very seriously. My Hunter mattress is paired perfectly to my sleep style (I had no idea that I’d been sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress for a very long time) and I sleep now better than ever. Even on those nights where I an only grab 4-5 hours of sleep, I wake up feeling better and more rested than I should. This is thanks to a strict sleep routine which I’d advise everyone to establish for themselves as the first step in developing a healthy lifestyle plan.

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6. What is your favourite breakfast in bed?

The answer to this question is obviously waffles, and the reason for this is that it’s possible to make both very healthy waffles, and very unhealthy waffles. And a good breakfast in bed is very flexible like that. However, the most important thing to consume during breakfast in bed is very good coffee, because if I didn’t get that jolt of java goodness I’d probably never leave my bed at all. So my answer is coffee and waffles, in that order.


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