IN BED WITH: Katy, Chewy, Chayse, & Choko

IN BED WITH: Katy, Chewy, Chayse, & Choko

We had the chance to speak with Pupfluencer & Frenchie Stud Service Provider, Katy Schuyler ( @toronto_frenchies ) We talked about her three Frenchie pups, what you should look for in healthy Frenchies, and she provided some tips for potential dog owners! 

1. Tell us about your pups and how you came about choosing their names!

I adopted Chewy when he was a year and a half. I loved his personality so much that I ended up wanting another puppy from Chewy’s breeder. So, I went on a waiting list and I waited about 8 months before finally getting Chayse. A co-worker actually named him for me because I wanted to keep the same theme of C’s and I added the “y” to make it a little more unique. As for Choko, I impulsively got him last year during Covid. He’s chocolate and tan, so his name fit perfectly!

2. What drew you to the Frenchie breed?

They just have the best personalities! They’re just so funny and quirky all the time. It’s little things like when I take off their harnesses and they have to rub against the couch or roll on their backs on the carpet because it’s apparently so traumatizing to have to wear a harness to go outside!

3. You currently offer a stud service with your Frenchies. Can you explain how that works?

It all started because I wanted to be able to pass on healthy Frenchies to people who were interested in the breed. As I mentioned, I was on a wait list for 8 months for Chayse until I got exactly what I wanted out of the litter. When he turned a year old, I started doing health and DNA testing and at 2 years old he had his OFA testing completed and was deemed a good quality stud dog. Since then, I’ve been working with potential breeders, that I’ve properly vetted, who have quality females they’d like to breed.

4. What do you look for in a healthy Frenchie?

Firstly, you want to ensure that they are at least 5 panel clear and aren’t carriers of any genetic diseases. Secondly, you want to undergo OFA testing which essentially scans multiple parts of their body to confirm nothing is genetically wrong with them. For example, Chayse had his elbows, hips, patella, and spine all done. Lastly, you want to look for good physical structure and ensure their legs and spine aren’t too short.

5. Do you have any tips for potential dog owners?

Yes, don’t be afraid to ask questions and research your breeder, no matter the type of dog, and be sure to be well-prepared. As for Frenchies, they’re very prone to spine issues so you want to limit their jumping and try to avoid playing tug of war with them. I’d also recommend researching IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease) as it’s a common disease within the breed.


For more about Katy, Chewy, Chayse, and Choko's journey, you can find them on Instagram @toronto_frenchies


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