IN BED WITH: Gillian & Chumpie

IN BED WITH: Gillian & Chumpie

Gillian & Chumpie (@chumpiethedog) are constantly spreading smiles and seeking adventure! We spoke with them about Chumpie's story, adventures, and the rewarding life of being a pet owner!

1. How did Chumpie come into your life?

Chumpie came to me through a breeder. I had done a lot of research on the breed, the miniature schnauzer, and that they were good little family dogs that liked activity and hiking. I really enjoy being outside and wanted a small dog that I could tote around easily, but that could also keep up with activities. He also doesn’t shed and is hypoallergenic, which is great too. He didn’t fall into my lap; he was chosen for us by a breeder based on my lifestyle and fit. We went through a breeding matchmaker essentially!

2. Where did the name Chumpie come from?

My husband was from Philadelphia and down there Chumpie means “thingamajig” or “whatchamacallit” and I remember telling him that Chumpie would be a perfect name for our dog. So, we had the name Chumpie chosen years before we even had the little guy. It was like a little family inside joke and that’s where his name came from!

3. Why did you start documenting Chumpie’s journey?

At first, I was taking so many photos and videos of Chumpie and posting them on my own socials, and I thought that people would get fed up with seeing this new little puppy all the time. So, I decided to give him his own social media and those interested could just follow him on there. I ended up loving it and spreading joy and positivity through his silly little posts was great. It really turned into a hobby for me and creating content around his daily life has been really fun.

4. What’s your favorite thing to do with Chumpie?

Oh, definitely hiking and going to the beach! One of our favorite spots is Martinique Beach, which is one of Nova Scotia’s gems. There’s 5 kilometers of beach to just run around and have fun and it’s just amazing!

5. What’s the most rewarding thing about being a pet owner?

The most rewarding thing is definitely just creating moments of joy for Chumpie and taking him new places and seeing how excited he gets to go on a new trail or walk into a new shop or meet a new person. Just kind of creating those opportunities. Dogs give us so much, right? Like just that unconditional love. You come home from your 8-hour workday and his tail wags, and you just feel like the biggest rock star, right? So, like, hey, if I can take him on a new trail or give him a new toy or something just to give him back a little bit of that love he gives, I'm all in. So yeah, he's my bestie for sure.


For more about Chumpie's journey, you can find him on Instagram @chumpiethedog


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