IN BED WITH: Dr Nancy Markley, Founder and CEO of  MPowrx Health and Wellness

IN BED WITH: Dr Nancy Markley, Founder and CEO of MPowrx Health and Wellness

Born into an entrepreneurial family, Dr Nancy Markley developed a lifelong interest in healthcare innovation. With a PhD in molecular biology and a successful professional history of developing and commercializing medical technologies, it wasn’t long before her career began to point toward something brand new: a healthcare venture of her own, bringing scientifically sound products, like the Good Morning Snore Solution, to market. Using sleep health as its first inspiration, MPowrx Health and Wellness officially began in 2005.

Initially operating from the basement of Dr Markley’s family home, MPowrx has grown into an international company with sales and distribution in over 85 countries. MPowrx’s goal is to continue to expand into new markets and deliver innovative health and wellness solutions to satisfied customers across the globe.

1. Good Morning Snore Solution has become a leader in the sleep space, helping countless happy customers and their partners get a sound and snore-free sleep. A contributing factor that has made your product so effective is that it was developed by an elite team of scientists. What are some of the key features that make it so effective and different than competing products?

The main thing that sets Good Morning Snore Solution apart from every other snore solution on the market is that it’s scientifically proven. MPowrx Health and Wellness (MPowrx) is the company behind Good Morning Snore Solution and is committed to only bringing products to market that have been clinically tested and are proven to work. Beyond that, many snore solutions on the market right now either cost a fortune, require customized fitting, or use jaw displacement technology which leads to long term jaw and teeth misalignment. Good Morning Snore Solution focuses on tongue stabilization technology which works to prevent snoring without customization or negative side effects. Use promo code SLEEPSOUNDLY for 15% off Good Morning Snore Solution products until May 9, 2019.

2. What inspired you to create this incredibly innovative product?

I’ve always been very entrepreneurial and have actively looked for opportunities where I can use my skills and knowledge to better people’s lives. With a background in molecular biology, I also like to keep a close eye on new innovations in the health science world. So when I met Calgary dentist and sleep researcher Dr Leslie Dort and saw the research she conducted in the sleep space, it was a no brainer for me to work with her to bring this incredible product to market.

3. Is this the only product MPowrx Health and Wellness has created so far?

Good Morning Snore Solution is MPowrx’s first product to market, but very soon it won’t be the only one! We’ve been hard at work developing some exciting new clinically tested products that offer unique health benefits to our consumers and help them address their sleep problems in a more holistic way.

4. Snoring can be a sensitive subject, some people feel touchy or embarrassed or flat out deny that they do it at all. For all of our readers that sleep next to a snorer, do you have a gentle way you recommend bringing up the subject of snoring?

There is a lot of stigma around snoring, as people often picture a snorer as an old man who is severely overweight. In reality, snoring is a condition that affects so many people regardless of weight, gender, or age. Having said that, this is still a sensitive subject for a lot of people, so when bringing it up to a partner, it’s important to be kind and understanding. But most importantly, don’t wait too long. Many couples wait until the point where they can’t take it anymore, and the conversation quickly becomes accusatory and often ends with the snorer sleeping on the couch. Don’t wait until it gets to this point. Have the conversation promptly, but kindly; and don’t just tell them that they snore and it’s annoying, let them know there are a couple of solutions you would like them to try, and ask them if they are willing to test out a product like Good Morning Snore Solution.

5. How does snoring truly impact your sleep? Is it just detrimental to the snorer’s partner’s sleep or the snorer’s sleep as well?

While snoring means a lower quality of sleep for the snorer’s partner, snoring can be quite dangerous for the snorer themselves. Snoring takes place when the airway is obstructed during sleep, which means the person is struggling to breathe to some extent. While some people snore seasonally due to allergies, those who snore regularly may very well be suffering from sleep apnea - a condition that can lead to daytime fatigue, high blood pressure, heart problems, liver problems and much more. Luckily, a mouthpiece like the Good Morning Snore Solution offers treatment for both snoring and sleep apnea.

6. What’s your secret to sweet dreams?

I make sure to get some form of exercise during the daytime, whether that be walking the dog, stretching, or high-intensity interval training. I am also very intentional about ‘winding down’ at night with an epsom/essential oil bath and a good novel before I turn off the lights.


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The Good Morning Snore Solution is a stop snoring mouthpiece that is a doctor developed, clinically proven medical device. The anti-snoring mouthpiece uses an ingenious method called tongue displacement to gently open the entire airway with few (if any) side effects. Unlike other anti-snoring methods, tongue displacement does not contribute to jaw pain, user discomfort or long-term bite misalignment.
The Good Morning Snore Solution is a highly reviewed, safe, effective and minimally-invasive way to prevent snoring. Made in the USA, it is also a registered medical device — cleared by FDA, Health Canada, EU CE, ARTG and is manufactured according to ISO certified medical device manufacturing practices to meet the highest standards of quality and compliance.

MPowrx is a leader in the sleep health space and is committed to bringing innovative health and wellness solutions to people all over the world. Since its inception in 2005, MPowrx has achieved product sales and distribution in over 85 countries worldwide.

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