IN BED WITH: Barista Brian

IN BED WITH: Barista Brian

Barista Brian is an internationally recognized latte artist. Based in Toronto, Canada, Brian is famous for his stunning latte art creations, and crowd-pleasing Coffee Caricatures.

1. In just a few short years, you have become the da Vinci of latte art, brightening people's days with your beautiful and unique creations. How did you get your start? You have such a talent, how does one learn and perfect this craft?

I started creating latte art in Toronto about four years ago. I had a bartending job at an Italian wine bar and learned how to make lattes there. I loved traditional latte art (hearts and tulips) and decided to push my limit and see what else I could create in foam. From there it was just practice, moving into a cafe part-time to learn more, and trying new things always!
Photo Credit: @baristabrian

2. We've seen you do caricatures, landscapes, cartoons and more all with expert technique and precision. What's your favourite style and subject?

I love creating caricatures for people. I think it's a lot of fun for people to see a reflection of themselves through my perspective. Who doesn't want to see their face on a latte?!
Photo Credit: @baristabrian

3. Your creations are incredibly painterly. Which artist or artists are you most inspired by? What would you create for them if you had the opportunity?

I love Andy Warhol and Van Gogh. Warhol for his subject matter and use of colours, and Van Gogh for his impressionistic style. I'm an impressionist as well, but also have a flair for pop culture. I would make Warhol a Marilyn Monroe latte done in his style and Starry Night for Van Gogh!
Photo Credit: @baristabrian

4. You've, very famously, done many celebrity portraits. Who would you love to sit down with and create something special for next?

I'm hoping I will meet Lady Gaga for a latte this September during TIFF! She has a film in the festival, and I have done all her album covers as lattes already. I would love to meet her for a latte. I think she would love it!
Photo Credit: @baristabrian

5. We are loving following your career and seeing all the adventures it takes you on. What can we expect to see next?

I have a lot of exciting things on the burner. I will be working TIFF making celebrities latte art for five days. This October, I will be taking latte art on the road, travelling across Canada, so stay tuned for dates and locations of where you can find me!
Photo Credit: @baristabrian

6. Do you ever make yourself a beautiful latte to enjoy? Decorated or not, what's your go-to coffee order?

I rarely drink the lattes I make; I prefer to make them for other people. I'm really into superfood lattes these days. Activated Charcoal lattes and Turmeric Lattes are my current go-to's!


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Brian Leonard, better known as “Barista Brian,” first started experimenting with latte art three years ago and since then his coffee creations have been featured in the media by CBS, CBC News, TMZ, Food Network, Buzzfeed, The Marilyn Denis Show, NBC and more. His work has been exclusively featured at the 2017 and 2018 Sundance Film Festivals and featured widely during the Toronto International Film Festival in 2016 and 2017. Brian’s coffee art has allowed him to build his audience on Instagram to over 19, 000 followers from around the world. He enjoys working and collaborating with brands, entrepreneurs and other artists to create and share his unique coffee art creations. His past and current clients include Nespresso, Cali Love, YouTube Music, Bare Minerals, Town Shoes, Nescafe, LinkedIn, Health Canada, Urban Decay, Bite Beauty and CBC. If you’d like to work with or collaborate with Brian, please email

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