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Skyler Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow


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Skyler Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow Pillows Sleepenvie

Skyler Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow


Align your spine and say goodbye to waking up with neck pain! The Skyler Pillow features gel memory foam that will mould and adapt to the head shape of each sleeper, providing tailor-made sleep support. You will also be amazed at how both sides of the pillow will keep you cool all night with its two layers of cooling technology: a gel memory foam layer on the inside and an ice yarn cover on the outside. Cooling is not just for comfort, but it’s amazing for your skin — helping to prevent your pores from being clogged with dirt and oil overnight. Ultimately, the Skyler Pillow is designed with beauty sleep in mind!

Key Features

  • Naturally responsive cooling gel memory foam to ensure comfort and coolness all night
  • Removable ice yarn cover for easy wash and maintenance
  • Silky and semi-firm texture
  • Comes in a reusable dust bag
  • 1 -year warranty

Dimension: Standard 16"Lx24"Dx3"H