Sleep Now, Pay Later


The best mattress out there shouldn’t cause you financial worry. At Sleepenvie we want to make sure that everyone gets the best mattress possible, so we offer a buy-now-pay-later mattress deal. You’ll be able to pay monthly for your mattress. It’s quick, easy, and worry-free. Paying monthly for your mattress won’t break the bank, and there won’t be any surprise fees.

Get started on your buy-now-pay-later mattress deal—you won’t regret it after you get that amazing night’s rest. Everything we do ensures you sleep better than ever before.






Quick and Easy

No application or credit check required.

Pay monthly instalments with your existing Visa or Mastercard.

Earn Card Rewards

Collect the points, miles, and cashback rewards offered by your Visa or Mastercard.

No Gimmicks or Gotchas

Don't worry about hidden fees!

With SPLITIT, the total you see at checkout is exactly what you will pay.

No Extra Bills

Don't worry about paying another bill!

Your monthly instalments will appear on your regular Visa or Mastercard statements.


Add your purchases to shopping cart

Select SPLITIT and your credit/debit card at checkout

Receive delivery of your purchase directly to home

Sleep Well. you'll be billed monthly.

  1. Please note that you are required to have the full cost of the product(s) available on your credit card.
  2. We only make monthly charges to your card, but the entire amount is reserved on your card to ensure payment.
  3. The use of debit card is possible with 3 installments up to $700.