All Foam and Hybrid Sleep-Envy Mattresses

We don’t want you to have another sleepless night, we can help with your sleep-envy.

Your bed is more than just mattress! We have a bed for every type of sleeper that introduces innovative technology into our mattresses. Our all-foam and hybrid mattresses ensure you have the best night’s sleep possible. We offer three lines of mattresses, each coming in standard sizes. The Sofie, made with a cooling gel tech memory foam and is medium-firm and great for hot sleepers! The Hunter mattress, our hybrid mattress made with coil springs and memory foam, promotes restorative sleep and has a nice, plush feel. The newest addition to our mattress lineup is our Logan mattress. Firm for extra support, Logan is made with our high quality materials but we skipped the cosmetic touches to keep the price as low as possible.


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