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WAKE UP HAPPY: Fun Alarm Clocks

WAKE UP HAPPY: Fun Alarm Clocks


Although we recognize the necessary evil, we can all sometimes still feel a little twinge of resentment toward the unapologetic, relentless scream of our alarm clocks rousing us from our peaceful slumber each morning. We are thankful for those little machines when we arrive on time to our commitments each day, but first thing in the morning, before our coffee, it is easy to momentarily forget our gratitude. Add a little fun to your morning routine with these cool and original alarm clocks and wake up happy.

The Barisieur



Wake up gently to the sweet sound and smell of a fresh cup of coffee brewing on your nightstand. Available from $299 for preorder for September 2017 at www.barisieur.com.


Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels



Do you love hitting that snooze button and often find yourself running late? This tough little guy is perfect for you. If you don't wake up after one swing at the snooze button, Clocky will wheel off your nightstand and creep further and further from your bed, beeping continuously until it lours you into a chase to quiet his alarm. Available for $66 from amazon.ca.


Philips Light Therapy Wake-up Light



Wake up gently and naturally from the warm glow simulating sunlight. Perfect for those working nightshift, you can choose from 7 different light and calming sound combos. Available from www.amazon.ca for $168.

Lock and Load Alarm Clock



For those of you that like a challenge and are looking to sharpen your senses, try this cool and original alarm clock. When your alarm goes off the game begins: the target component will pop up and start going off and it is up to you to grab the handset component and hit the target to turn off the alarm. Let the games begin for $31 on amazon.ca.

**Don't forget to move your clock forward this weekend for Daylight Saving Time but if you sleep in and you live in the US, don't worry because it's National Napping Day on Monday.


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