Sleep has a great impact in our overall health. Getting enough sleep and good quality sleep can be challenging sometimes. But don’t worry we’re her...
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PODCAST: Sleep and Heart Health with Senior Sleep Medicine Physician Dr David Klein

PODCAST: Sleep an...

Sleep not only affects your mood and cognitive ability but, it also hugely contributes to your physical health in many ways. Joy Elena, Sleepenvie founder and Dr David Klein, Senior Sleep Medicine Physician at MedSleep Canada, Board certified in sleep medicine and assistant professor of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Toronto, chat with the Sleep Forum about how sleep affects our health, the health benefits you can realise when getting a good sleep, how to get the sleep you need and more!

Prioritise your health this year by getting great sleep.

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MINDFUL MEDITATION: Finding Clarity In The Chaos


With the wonderful chaos of the holiday season on the horizon, I think we all could use a special tactic to put in our toolboxes to find clarity and presence-of-mind even amid confusion. Whether it is the mayhem of Black Friday shopping, the stress of preparing an elaborate holiday feast for family and friends, or simply the inner disruption we can feel when travelling and sleeping anywhere but our own bed; this can be a demanding time of year. 

Mindful meditation is a self-care stress management method you can practice anywhere that will help ground you and become more resilient when you're feeling anxious or panicky. It is a therapeutic skill that, when learned and applied, can aide with well-being, stress management, anxiety and sleep hygiene.

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