With the sun rising earlier in the coming months, ensure you get all the sleep you need with this cotton comfy eye mask. It's ultra soft and adjustable so you can make sure it's the perfect fit for you.

1. Invest in an Eyemask or Blinds.

Although we love the sunshine, the sun will be rising earlier and earlier as spring turns to summer.

Keep your room dark a little longer so you can get your full 8 hours of sleep with  an eyemask or blinds for your room.

2. Take Advantage of the Cool Mornings.


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If you enjoy morning exercise, there is an awesome window of perfect cool mornings from April until early June.

This window is ideal for a nice cool morning run before heat of August makes running anytime much hotter.

Morning exercise is proven to decrease restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia and help you get a better sleep.

3. Switch Out Your Sheets.


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Put your cozy flannel sheets away until next winter and trade them for a lighter cotton sheet.

This will help you regulate your body temperature while you sleep so you may sleep more soundly.

4. Combat Allergies.


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Itchy eyes and runny noses make it hard to fall asleep and to get a good quality of sleep.

If you experience allergies in the spring time, try combating the symptoms with natural remedies, sleeping with the window closed, and/or using a humidifier so they don't keep you awake.

5. Hydrate.


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With the temperature rising, it means we produce more sweat to maintain a comfortable body temperature.

Don't forget to hydrate to replace the extra fluids we put out so you wake up feeling rested rather than thirsty and dehydrated.

6. Try Iced Tea Before Bed.


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If it's too warm for a cup of herbal tea before bed and you find it helps you sleep, try making the same tea but iced.

Your body still absorbs all the same herbs and remains a comfortable temperature while hydrating.


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