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SLEEPING BEAUTY: Sleeping Your Way To Beautiful Skin

SLEEPING BEAUTY: Sleeping Your Way To Beautiful Skin

As we all know, an effective beauty routine begins long before we start putting on makeup.

Not only does ‘beauty sleep’ matter so you wake up feeling refreshed, but your nightly routine plays a huge role in looking as refreshed as you feel after getting a great night’s rest.

Tweak your nightly routine with our six simple steps to sleeping your way to beautiful skin:

1. Make sure that you’re getting the right amount of rest.

Nighttime is the time that your body has to repair and recover from the day’s damage so it’s very important that you allow yourself enough time to do just that.

For adults, you need between six and eight hours per night. That said, it’s not always easy to fall asleep at the time you need to in order to allow yourself to get a full eight hours--so, getting into a consistent nighttime routine will help your body to recognize that it’s time to go to sleep and begin to wind down.

It can be helpful to disengage from all electronics an hour before bed to limit blue light exposure; reading a book can be a great alternative to watching TV before bed. If you find that you really have trouble falling asleep, you might consider trying natural sleep cures like weighted blankets or sleep bracelets. However you can get it, eight hours of sleep will play a huge role in keeping your skin healthy and looking refreshed and radiant.

2. Make sure that you’re getting quality rest.

While quantity is important here, quality is as well. Eight hours of restless sleep will do your skin no good--you will wake up both feeling and looking tired, and operating on a sleep deficit over a long period time can cause lasting damage. To make sure that you’re getting quality rest, evaluate your bedroom for sleep:

  • Is your bedroom dark enough? When you’re sleeping, your room should be very dark so your sleep isn’t interrupted by light. If you find it is not, try room darkening blinds and/or sleeping with an eye mask.
  • Is your bedroom quiet enough? The last thing you want after falling asleep is to be woken up by noise. To prevent this, simply closing your bedroom door can be helpful or, if that isn’t enough, listening to a sleep meditation on SleepPhones can be a great way to cancel out unwanted noise as well as wind down to mindful meditation.
  • Is your mattress comfortable? The foundation of getting a great sleep is a great mattress. The lifespan of your average mattress is 7-10 years. If you’re on the cusp of that timeframe or if your mattress is simply uncomfortable, it may be time for an upgrade. One very important thing to remember when mattress shopping is that one size does NOT fit all. It’s important to find a mattress that compliments your sleep position and lifestyle. If you need some guidance shopping for a new mattress, try our match-making quiz.


3. Find a pillow that will benefit your skin.

Now that you’re getting the quantity and quality of sleep that you need to wake up with great skin, you can focus on unlocking the added benefits of speciality sleep products.

Some pillows are now made with a cooling technology so every side of the pillow feels like the cool side. The Skyler pillow achieves this effect with the use of cooling gel tech memory foam and ice yarn. While it is very refreshing and soothing, cooling is not just for comfort--it's fantastic for your skin because the feeling of cold causes your pores to contract, which helps to prevent them from becoming clogged with dirt and oil overnight.

Nothing messes up your morning like waking up with a huge pimple or blemish--a pillow made with cooling technology will significantly reduce the chances of this happening out-of-the-blue.

4. Find a pillowcase that will benefit your skin.

Your pillowcase is very important when it comes to taking good care of your skin because it directly touches your face every night. Cotton pillowcases with a low thread count not only don’t feel very nice on your face but can also be quite damaging to your skin for two reasons: firstly, because cotton absorbs water which pulls moisture from your skin causing it to dry out overnight and, secondly, because a low thread count can be very abrasive on the delicate skin on your face causing wrinkles and damage.

To prevent these consequences, the best pillowcase to use is a silk one. It will be very soft on your skin, it won’t pull moisture away from your face and it prevents bedhead.

5. Tie up long hair at night.

To protect your skin from coming in contact with oil overnight, tie up long hair. Our hair, even when it’s freshly washed, can still pass oil to your skin if it comes into contact. To prevent any oil from your hair clogging your pores overnight, simply put long hair in a ponytail or bun, or use a headband for short hair.

6. Choose skin care products according to your skin type.

Just like shopping for mattresses, one size does NOT fit all when it comes to skin care products. To find the perfect skin care products for your skin, consider your skin type: is your skin oily, dry or combination? Think about what your skin care concerns are: minimizing pores, tackling dark circles, combating acne, etc.? It’s also important to think about exterior factors like sun damage, personal factors like age and any goals you may have like decreasing fine lines or boosting radiance. If you need help in this area, try Sephora’s Skin Care Quiz.

With the help of these six simple tweaks to your nightly routine, you'll be sleeping your way to beautiful skin in no time. Sweet dreams!


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