Sleep your soundest with the Sofi Sleep Deluxe Pillow

Sleep your soundest with the Sofi Sleep Deluxe Pillow

At Sleepenvie, we are always looking into new and experimental sleep science ideals in order to bring you the best in sleep essentials! The Sofi Sleep Deluxe Pillow is one of our newest items, and after receiving some samples of all of the elements it takes to create the Sofi Sleep Deluxe, we were curious, that is until we received the final product in all its glory! The Sofi Sleep Deluxe Pillow is one of the most innovative pillows we have ever seen. Now image all the inefficiencies and problems with your current pillow you sleep with at home, whatever those errors are, we guarantee the Sofi Sleep Deluxe Pillow solves them, that is unless you don't like comfort.




Quilted Ice Yarn Top


This pillow is top to bottom luxury starting with its outer top layer. This is an extremely important layer in terms of comfort because this is the layer closest to your resting head. The fabric is a quilted cross weave with a nice plush layer in look and feel. At a glance, sure the top fabric on this pillow looks nice, but to truly see what's special you'll have to use your sense of touch. The quilted fabric is entwined with a new aged ice yarn. As you can imagine, Ica Yarn gets its name from the cooling sensation it produces assuring your head stays cool and comfortable night in and night out!



Feathers Down Layer


As a sleep essentials company, we have advanced leaps and bounds in sleep science but we think it's important to remember the highest quality comfort aspects from past pillow designs. Luxury pillows of the past have always been down feather filled, and for good reason. Down feathers provide a soft yet structural surface that supports your head in a heavenly way as you sleep. We decided to give the top ice yarn layer a feather down fill for that euphoric feather feeling when you go to sleep at night. Why didn't we make the entire pillow down like many luxury pillows you may ask? Well that brings us to our next comfort component of the Sofi Sleep Deluxe.



Micro-Tube Gel Infused Memory Foam Internals


The benefit of down filled pillows is every night, with a quick fluff of your pillow, they return to their supportive yet comfortable form. The only problem with feather stuffed pillows is they attract the buildup of dust and debris, they tend to get hot in warmer temperatures and the feathers over time will clump together. Down Pillows also do not keep their support throughout an entire night of sleep. With the Sofi Sleep Deluxe, we kept all the benefits of down feathers in our upper layer, and we solved for all of it's downfalls with our micro-tube gel infused memory foam innards'. The internals of the Sofi Sleep is stuffed with small, uniform in shape pieces of memory foam that provide the comfort of feathers with the everlasting structure of memory foam! There are even small gel infused pieces, that keep the foam internals nice and cool.



Mesh Fabric Perimeter


Now this may seem like a less important comfort component, but that's just because you haven't had a pillow that has it yet. The micro-tube gel foam we mentioned before, creates small air pockets within the pillow. When foam bands together, without sufficient air flow, it tends to warm up which could result in a hot headed situation when you're trying to get a good nights rest. The mesh fabric perimeter of the Sofi Sleep Deluxe allows air to flow freely through all sides of the pillow which promotes airflow through the micro-tube foam to promote ideal climate control.




Soft Sateen Base Fabric


The base of a pillow is often overlooked when purchasing a pillow for your home. For many, this may not make a difference, but for you stomach sleepers, listen up! We spoke with a few stomach sleepers and most of them rest their hands, that’s right you guesses it, right under their pillow! The soft sateen layer on the base of the Sofi Sleep allows the weight of your head to rest cozy and comfortably on your hands. This creates a comfort pocket in between the Sofi Sleep and your mattress.





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