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SLEEP TIGHT: Six Things You Should Never Keep in Your Bedroom

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SLEEP TIGHT: Six Things You Should Never Keep in Your Bedroom

We all know better than to keep items that are noisy or obviously distracting in our bedrooms at night if it can be at all helped.

But, there are a few sneaky items that slide under the radar that you may not realize are negatively impacting your sleep. Banish these items from your bedroom and measurably improve your sleep.

1. TV

Netflix-binge hangovers are real. People who have TV’s in their bedrooms are much more likely to stay up later watching a show because it’s distracting and easy to be pulled in. We’ve all been guilty of saying to ourselves, “okay, just one more episode,” and being extra tired when it’s time to wake up. Over and above the binge threat, being exposed to blue light so close to bedtime can be very disruptive to your circadian rhythm. Our advice: watch your show in another room until one hour before bedtime, then wind down with a book. 

2. Food

While crawling into bed with a bedtime snack can be very tempting and feel super comforting, it’s a bad late-night habit to have. Depending on your snack choice, you can end up with a bed full of crumbs which is very uncomfortable to sleep on. Not to mention, having food in your room can also invite some unwanted guests. Sleep is also a time where your body needs to rest and repair from the day’s damage--adding digesting extra food to the mix may mean you don’t get adequate rest even if you give yourself eight hours. 

3. Your Desk

The golden rule here is don’t make your place of work also your place of rest--it’s best to keep those two things separate. If you start to merge them, you may find it even more difficult to keep work issues out of your mind when you’re trying to fall asleep. I know, for me anyway, if I work in bed and right before bed, just because I’ve closed my laptop doesn’t mean I’ve stopped working. Sometimes I keep myself up for hours just problem-solving in my head. Don’t fall into this trap. Make your desk or work area somewhere outside of your bedroom, so, when you go to bed, you’re doing so to rest.

4. Old or Low-Quality Pillows and Mattresses

Think about how dusty the top of your dresser gets if you don’t dust it in a while. All of that dirt and allergens are floating around in the air and have to land on something. Your mattress is a huge surface that not only collects airborne dirt and allergens, but also body oils. An old mattress can cause you to get sick more often simply because of all the gross stuff it’s collected over the years. Same goes for pillows. Not to mention they both start to lose shape over the years and become hard and uncomfortable. If your mattress is over 10 years old, I would consider an update. You can take our quiz to find out what type of mattress would suit your needs best. 

5. Extreme Temperature

Temperature can be very tricky because it is always changing with the seasons. If you have the ability to control the temperature of your bedroom, you should be aiming for between 60-77’F. Not too hot or too cold. Your core temp drops slightly during the night, so if you keep your bedroom too hot, you’ll have a tough time dropping your core temp enough to be comfortable and then find yourself tossing and turning and having trouble sleeping. The same thing goes for a room that’s too cold. If you can at all help it, aim for that sweet spot. You can open or close window and use fans to help with this.

6. Uncovered Windows

Our circadian rhythm is triggered by natural light exposure. Use blinds, shades or drapes to control the natural light in your bedroom. Too much light can interrupt sleep cycle and wake you before you’re ready to get up. Or, if you go to bed early in the summer, it can still be bright out, so use your blinds to keep out the sun so you’ll have an easier time falling asleep. A handy eye mask is also a great way to control your light exposure.


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