SLEEP LIKE A BABY THIS SUMMER: How To Get A Great Sleep When It’s Hot

SLEEP LIKE A BABY THIS SUMMER: How To Get A Great Sleep When It’s Hot

Getting a great sleep on those hot summer nights can be a fine art if you don’t have adequate air conditioning!

We’ve all been there: tossing and turning and sweating because it’s still SO hot and humid even though the sun has been down for hours. It can be incredibly frustrating!

Say goodnight to hot and miserable summer nights with our five easy tips for a great summer sleep (even when it’s hot):

1. Make summertime adjustments to your bedroom.

Being comfortable on hot summer night starts by making your bedroom as cool as possible. Switch out your warmer winter flannel sheets for cooler summer cotton and pull your comforter or duvet all the way back at night so you have minimal layering on your bed. Invest in a fan and point it right at your bed to maximize airflow (up to you if you’d like to open the window as well).

2. Keep sunlight out.

For the warmest months of the summer, avoid opening your bedroom blinds even during the day to prevent your bedroom from heating up during the day and retaining that heat at night. That way, it will be a little less difficult to cool down your bedroom after the sun sets and you’re trying to get to sleep at night.

3. Skip the PJs.

To minimize the layers you’re wearing at night, ditch your PJs whenever possible--it’s much cooler for sleeping. If this isn’t realistic for you, invest in some light cotton PJs that you can wear during the summer.

4. Incorporate cooling technology into your bedroom.

A great way to stay cool at night is to sleep on a mattress and/or pillow made with cooling technology. Our Skyler pillows and Sofie mattresses, for example, are made with cooling gel tech memory foam on the inside and covered with ice yarn on the outside so they feel cool-to-the-touch. Incorporating a cooling component right into your bedding can be very refreshing and helpful on those hot summer nights!

5. Abandon your bedroom if all else fails.

Finally, don’t be a hero--if it’s truly WAY too hot to sleep in your bedroom after making all the above adjustments, don’t suffer; sleep on the couch or an air mattress in the basement if need be. Don’t feel like you have to sleep in your bed in order to get a good night’s sleep because, sometimes, it really is just way too hot. If you do decide to move during the night, bringing your pillow and blanket with you can be helpful in getting to sleep faster and being as comfortable as possible sleeping somewhere that you may not be used to. It can also be helpful to bring an eye mask with you because maybe the room that you’re moving to, while cooler, is not intended for sleeping so it may be brighter than you’re used to in the morning.


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