Our in-house sleep experts selected our top six way we bring you sweet dreams.

1. Match Making Quiz.

What best fits your lifestyle and sleep habits? Customize your sleep by taking our easy, 3-question quiz and we will match you to your perfect mattress.

2. Free Shipping.

We deliver free of charge anywhere in North America. A tracking number is provided with each order so you can easily track your package from our warehouse to your door.

3. Compact Boxes.

Our mattresses come compressed into compact boxes for your convenience. Even our Hybrid mattress, Hunter which has individually pocketed coils comes vacuum packed in a box the size of golf clubs. One of those things that make you go huh.

4. Go for a Test-Drive.

Try your mattress for 100 nights, and, in the unlikely event you aren't happy with it, we will refund your payment and arrange a free pick up from a local charity.

5. Invest in Community.

We invest in the community, helping to develop the next generation of cultural leaders, by providing a percentage of sales to SKETCH, a Toronto-based non-profit organization. SKETCH's mission is to create progressive and creative opportunities for marginalized youth. Our contributions will help to foster creativity and love for the arts and will have an an impact in creating social change and promote diversity and equality.

6. Always Improving.

We take sleep very seriously. Our brand's mission is simply to give our clients the gift of perfect, sound and beautiful sleep so they may wake up rested, refreshed, and ready for their day. Our research and development team is ever studying the science of sleep and improving our products so we can improve your sleep with the latest in sleep technology.


Sleepenvie is a Toronto-based online mattress-in-a-box and bedroom lifestyle brand that focuses on customization, convenience, and charitable contribution.

We make the mattress-buying process easy by delivering it directly to your door in one easy-to-handle compact box. We strongly believe in customizability, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. An easy one-minute quiz matches you to the ideal mattress for your lifestyle and sleep habits.

Check us out online at and on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest at @Sleepenvie. Sweet dreams!



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