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INVEST IN REST: Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Mattress

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INVEST IN REST: Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Mattress

Buying a mattress is a big investment both financially and practically; it's something you use every night. With all of the choices out there now, it's important to ask yourself a few key questions to ensure you are getting the perfect mattress for your lifestyle and sleep habits before making your purchase.

1. What's your budget?

Budget is a major factor when making any purchase. Although it is important, it certainly doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune to get a quality mattress. To give you an idea, a good quality Queen sized mattress today can cost anywhere from $500-$1200 CAD before taxes. When looking at your budget, ask about financing programs. Some companies, including Sleepenvie, allow you to finance your purchase to spread out payments over a year.

2. What kind of sleeper are you?

Do you like plush or firm? Do you sleep on your stomach, back, side, or a combination? Are you a hot sleeper? Do you sleep alone or with a partner or a pet? These are all important factors to consider in making your purchase. When shopping for a mattress from Sleepenvie, we use a matchmaking quiz to pair you with your perfect bed, but here are a few pointers: if you like to sleep on your side or back, you're a light sleeper, and you like feeling like your sinking in to your bed a little; plush is what you're looking for. If you're a restless sleeper and move between sleeping on your back, stomach and side, and you're looking for a super supportive mattress; firm is what you're looking for. If you like to sleep on your side and you like the responsiveness of foam as well as the support of spring, you may consider looking into a hybrid mattress which combines the best of both worlds. Finally, if you're a hot sleeper, you can look for a mattress made with cooling gel tech memory foam and/or ice yarn. Both of these new technologies keep you cool but never cold as you sleep.

3. What size of mattress do you want/need?

King sized beds are great! But, not always practical in a bachelor apartment... When deciding on what size of mattress to buy, of course, be aware of the space you have to work with, but also who will be sleeping in the bed. Is it one person or two? Remember to consider that the lifespan of a mattress is approximately 10 years, plan accordingly.

4. How is the mattress delivered?

Once you've made your purchase, are you charged for delivery? How much? Or, do you have to pick it up yourself? With Sleepenvie, delivery is always free anywhere in North America :).  If they deliver it, will they take away your old mattress when they deliver your new one? How will it be packaged? If you live in an apartment or condo, will it fit up the stairs? If they deliver, will they bring it into your bedroom for you rather than leaving it at the door? If they leave it at the door, are you able to move it where you need it on your own or do you need help?

5. What happens if you don't like it?

Most bed-in-a-box mattress companies, including Sleepenvie, offer a 100 night trial period in which you can try the mattress at home and, if in that time you decide you don't like it, it can be returned and a full refund is given. Our best advice here is to read the return policy before buying--the last thing you want to be stuck with is a mattress you don't like or a store credit rather than a refund.

6. How do I take care of my new purchase?

Once you have made your purchase, take good care of it! We always recommend buying and using a mattress protector because let's face it--spills happen. It's much easier to toss a dirty mattress protector in the laundry than it is to spot clean a stain that's soaked in.

We also recommend that you read your warranty, see Sleepenvie warranties here, to find out what guarantees were made, to check out additional care instructions, and to find out the expected lifespan of your mattress.


Sleepenvie is a Canadian online mattress-in-a-box and bedroom lifestyle brand that focuses on customization, convenience, and charitable contribution.

We make the mattress-buying process easy by delivering it directly to your door in one easy-to-handle compact box. We strongly believe in customizability, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. An easy one-minute quiz matches you to the ideal mattress for your lifestyle and sleep habits.

Check us out online at and on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest at @Sleepenvie. Sweet dreams!

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