HOW TO BUILD THAT PERFECT BED: Expert Tips on Dressing Your Bed like a Pro

HOW TO BUILD THAT PERFECT BED: Expert Tips on Dressing Your Bed like a Pro

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Guest Blog: by Victoria Tonelli

Your bedroom is the first thing you see when you open your eyes in the morning and the last thing you see before you close your eyes at night. It’s one of the most important rooms in the home that should both look beautiful and be as comfortable as possible. Building the perfect bed can change the way people sleep and improve the quality of their lives – so let’s break it down, shall we?

Here are five steps to build that perfect bed:

1. Lay a solid foundation.


Your mattress is the gateway to a great night’s sleep which is why it’s worth investing a little more to get it right. After all, we spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping so it’s not a purchase you should cheap out on. Good news is, with proper care, a good quality mattress can last you for years, making that initial cost a long term investment. The tough part is that the “perfect” mattress is totally subjective and very much a personal choice. Do your homework and “sleep around” until you find that perfect match.


Good quality sleeper pillows are another component that is essential to laying a solid foundation to that perfect bed.  Always look for pillows that are 100% white goose down but when it comes to density it’s all about personal preference. You'll be choosing between soft, medium and firm. Make sure to use a pillow protector, so that you can extend the life of your pillows and get years of use out of them. These covers are necessary to protect against dust mites and help to keep your pillow as hygienic as possible.

2. Love your linens.

Now it’s time to make that bed. The fitted sheet, flat sheet &  pillow covers are what comes next. These are the layers that are in direct contact with your body as you sleep at night. This part of making your bed is pretty straight forward but make sure you lay the finished top edge of your flat sheet face down... you’ll see why later.

How to choose that perfect sheet set

To me, there’s nothing more luxurious than a set of good quality, crisp white linens. But despite popular belief, what makes for a good sheet set is not all about thread count. Thread count is actually more a matter of personal preference believe it or not. If you prefer soft, silky, fine sheets, go for a higher thread count. If you like to sleep on linens that are crisp and dense, select ones with a lower thread count. That being said, a rule of thumb across the board is that you should NEVER go lower than 200 thread count. That’s an indication of a very poor quality sheet set.

You also need to be mindful of the material of the sheets you choose. Egyptian cotton is considered to be the best in the world and what I’d recommend. Pima cotton is also another high-quality material to look for. Good quality cotton sheets I find to be the most breathable and versatileOther options for fabrics would be Linen – which is cool and crisp but very wrinkly, helping you achieve a more relaxed and casual look. Flannel, which would be very seasonal but super super cosy in those winter months.  Bamboo, which is extremely soft and silky and wrinkles less than other fabrics.

Remember that although good quality linens can be an investment, they will stand the test of time and in the long run be more cost effective than having to buy a new set of poor quality sheets every six months.  There’s no amount of fabric softener that can make up for poor quality sheets!


In terms of colour, go for white. You’ll never regret it. There's a reason why so many luxury, 5-star hotels feature white sheeting. The look is classic and also extremely versatile; lending itself to modern or traditional aesthetics. White sheets also allow you to mix and match.  They’re a great neutral anchor to your bed that will allow for a rotating collection of blankets & decorative pillows to create very different looks.

3. Layer, layer, layer.

Now it’s time to add some beautiful layers and amp up the cosiness.


Add a coverlet after your flat sheet. Pull the coverlet all the way to the headboard and then fold it back about one-third of the way down. You’d then do the same with your flat sheet (revealing that finished top edge). For that super crisp and tucked in look, make hospital corners on all four corners of your coverlet.

Duvet & duvet cover

Next is the duvet. Fold the duvet in half, with the ends over the foot of the bed. Then fold up the top half toward the pillows, so that this portion of the duvet is doubled over on itself to create volume and get the bed looking plush and inviting.

When it comes to colour and style for both the coverlet and duvet cover I think basic is best. Keeping your sheets and duvet covers simple (i.e solid colours) allows you to have fun with accent pieces and never marries you to a bold look you may tire of quickly. Swapping out a set of throw pillows or blankets is much simpler than swapping out all of your bedding.


I’d finish it all with a throw blanket that is the full width of the bed that can be folded neatly across the bottom.

4.  Approaching the Finish Line.

Here comes the icing on the cake. Pillows! There is no right number of pillows. It’s more about what looks good to the eye and what you’re willing to move at night. One thing I’ll say is that a bed with only two lonely sleeper pillows feels sad and prison-like. Here is my ideal and what I think properly fills out the bed & you can pair back based on preference.

What goes where?!

First I’d start with a set of euro pillows to add height to the bed and amp up the comfort and support. Sleeper pillows would be next, they won’t be the prettiest of the bunch and often most wrinkly. Your sleeper pillow covers should match your sheet set. Your sleepers are then concealed by decorative shams. I’d say generally your decorative pillow shams should match either your Duvet cover, coverlet or blanket you choose to put at the base of your bed.  Next is the fun part – decorative pillows to add some personality. Unlike the other items I mentioned above – I wouldn’t recommend breaking the bank on these. You can get beautiful throw pillows at a very affordable price point. Experiment with that beaded or faux fur pillow. The commitment, in this case, is minimal and is where you want to have your fun. Note that a variety of textures always has a way of making the bed look more dynamic. Because the financial commitment is low you’d be able to swap different patterns or colours in and out to coincide with different seasons OR your mood of the month!

5.  Make your bed. ALWAYS.

Putting together everything I listed above should take minutes in the morning and makes the bedroom automatically feel more neat and tidy. It’s a great start to the day and great end to the day when coming home to that perfectly built bed a la Tonelli.


Victoria Tonelli is a Toronto based Designer that has been creatively involved in the making of some of the most popular design and renovations show on television like the Goods. She was a contestant on Canada's Next Designer. Most recently, she has moved into the role of Designer and Senior Art Director for Property Brothers: Buying & Selling on HGTV. 

Her meticulous attention to detail, intuitive sense of colour and space planning, and impressive versatility and range as a designer has catapulted her up the ranks in this hyper-competitive industry at such a young age. She has a true passion for what she does.


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