HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT? What Your Sleep Position Is Doing For You

HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT? What Your Sleep Position Is Doing For You

On the surface, sleep seems so simple; even babies, who haven’t yet mastered walking or talking, quickly become experts on this activity. And, they can do it anywhere and any way, whether it’s in the arms of a parent, in a stroller in the park, in a car seat or even on the floor of a playpen. Sleep is a fundamental function that we, as living creatures, need to do to survive and lead healthy lives.

As we get older, the majority of us (less the very fortunate few who can still sleep anywhere and any way, man do I envy them) have trouble sleeping anywhere but a bed, preferably, in most cases, our own bed. But, getting to sleep doesn’t simply stop at a location. We all also acquire a preferred sleeping position.

There are many variations of three main positions: back, stomach and side. With each position comes pros and cons. Find out how your sleep position is impacting your life and optimize your sleep to better your overall health.

Side Sleeper

side sleeper sleep positions

Pros: Side sleeping, the most popular sleeping position, is often associated with cuddling up and getting cozy and is seen as a very comfortable and soothing position to sleep. This is also a versatile position that can work with mattresses anywhere on the spectrum from plush to firm. If you are a side sleeper, doctors encourage you to sleep on your left side to promote circulation to your heart. This is especially important during pregnancy. Sleeping on your side also helps you to fall asleep if you suffer from heartburn and/or acid reflux.

Cons: While it is less common, this position can put pressure on your heart and lungs so try and alternate sides to prevent organ strain. The much more common con from this position is simply pins and needles in whichever arm you’re sleeping on. The simple solution here is just to roll over and change sides or move your arm to a more comfortable position.

Back Sleeper

back sleeper sleep positions

Pros: With a firm mattress and minimally full pillow, this position is ideal for back and spine health. If a doctor prescribed a sleep position, this would absolutely be it. It minimizes contortions of the spine while supporting the back and, when using a minimally full pillow, it opens your airway in the most natural position possible while supporting your neck. And, sleeping face up, rather than with your face against a pillow, is also great in a cosmetic sense as it minimizes creases in the face which will lead to fewer facial wrinkles.

Cons: Despite the clear health benefits, it’s not always the most comfortable sleeping position, especially when keeping in mind that it’s most beneficial with a firm mattress and a minimally full pillow. While some like the support, others find side or stomach sleeping positions more comfortable.

The other major cons of sleeping on your back are snoring and sleep apnea. If you are a snore-er or suffer from sleep apnea, this is not the position for you.

Stomach Sleeper

stomach sleeper sleep postion

Pros: Say goodnight to snoring if you’re sleeping on your stomach, your partner will thank you. It’s also great for sleep apnea, aides with digestion and can be very comfortable.

Cons: Although sleeping on your stomach gets a bad rep for causing lower back issues, if you don’t have any existing back issues and you’re sleeping on an appropriately supportive mattress, stomach sleeping shouldn’t be harmful. That said, if you do have existing back issues, you should definitely consider trying back or side sleeping positions. If you are set on remaining a stomach sleeper, you can try using a minimally full pillow under your lower abdomen and hip area to correct the curve in your spine this position causes.

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