GOOD MORNING: A Morning Routine for Successful People

GOOD MORNING: A Morning Routine for Successful People

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Successful people are happier, less stressed out and more productive. What’s their secret? They set themselves up for success from the moment they wake up with a morning routine that sets the tone for a productive day.

Industry leaders and successful individuals have morning routines designed to maximize their productivity and creativity while energizing them to conquer the day.

Follow our six-step morning routine to set yourself up for success. And, remember, your morning routine always starts with a good night’s sleep ;).

1. Wake up and dive right in.

Give yourself at least an hour to an hour and a half minimum from the time you wake up to the time you need to walk out the door for your morning routine.

Check your email first thing to get your head in the game and give you the most amount of time to prepare yourself for work. It helps to set professional expectations for the day so you know what’s coming at you ahead of time. It also allows you to start building your schedule before you get to work to maximize efficiency.

2. Work out.

Engage your body with a workout. Whether it’s a short 5-10 min at-home workout, a quick trip to the gym before work, or even a run or walk--it will boost endorphins, making you happier, better able to combat stress and help to energize you for the day. It also allows you time to think about the tasks you have ahead of you and brainstorm/problem-solve during your workout. Finally, prioritizing your health always positively contributes to a better life.

3. Relax and clear your head.

Listen to some music while you shower and get ready. You’ve already engaged your mind and your body, now take some time to relax and centre yourself for the day. Taking a moment to connect with your partner, kids, pet and/or loved ones during this time is also helpful here and can be a great motivator and happiness boost.

4. Fuel up.

Eat a healthy breakfast so you have the energy to do what needs to be done in the day. This should include, not only, a balanced meal but also at least one glass of water in addition to juice and/or coffee so you are properly hydrated.

5. Be aware.

Get caught up on current events whether it’s flipping through the newspaper while you’re having your breakfast or scrolling through Twitter or online news sites on your walk to your car/subway for your commute to work. Above and beyond knowing what’s going on in the world, it can also inspire timely ideas for ongoing projects or help you to identify opportunities for growth and change.

6. Think like a leader.

If you are taking the subway or even in the elevator, do a puzzle on your commute to work; it helps to practice problem-solving, thinking strategically and kicks your brain into gear to apply those skills in the workplace.


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