FLIGHT OF FANCY: Five Guest Room Essentials from Interior Designer Natalie Chong

FLIGHT OF FANCY: Five Guest Room Essentials from Interior Designer Natalie Chong

Meet Natalie Chong of Nest Design Studio, a boutique interior design firm located in Toronto, Ontario. As the founder of this successful firm, Natalie dedicates her career to designing spaces that best reflect her clients' style.
"We all love staying at hotels," Natalie reminds us. "Crisp, fresh sheets, well-curated, clutter-free. The entire escapism of the hotel experience is the best part."
With the summertime in full swing, summer guests arrive as well. We visit relatives and friends over the course of the season and they grace our homes in return. Make your loved ones feel extra special by giving your guest room a refreshing update.
Here are Natalie's tips on how to get the same luxurious vibe of a hotel room to your guest bedroom:

1. Everything and the mattress. 

Do not skimp on linens. Starting with new sheets is a must. Forget about the thread-count and focus on how they feel, the quality of the fabric. Everyone has a different idea of comfort, some people are overly sensitive to certain materials, others not so much. Make sure you feel the sheets before you buy them. Linens are the most important part of the bed. 
Secondly, make sure you opt for a great mattress. At this point in time, most mattresses are designed for perfect support. It really just comes down to comfort. What do you find comfortable? Hotel mattresses are usually pillow top spring mattresses. But if you fancy something in the foam department, go for it. At the end of the day - this is your bed. 

2. Take a seat. 

If you have the space for a sitting area, make sure you make it a feature. It is great to add a little nook for a small sofa, ottoman and dresser. Allowing you to make this a secondary feature to the room. This spot is great for cosying up and reading a book or catching up on the latest magazines. 

3. Never forget about the windows.

The best thing about the hotel room - blackout blinds. Pure sleeping cave. A space where you can fully sleep in. Custom drapery is a perfect addition to any space, but the bedroom is where you absolutely need it. Think about texture and fabrics when choosing. We want something that will reflect the rest of the room, but at the same time custom drapery is expensive, it is sometimes best to keep it neutral.

4. It is okay to be adventurous! 

Make this space more fun and playful. Using bright colours in strategic ways allow you to keep the overall aesthetic neutral but have fun with a few decorative pillows maybe a few bright colours!

5. Choose the right lights. 

If you think about your standards hotel room they have a number of different sources of lights. Wall sconces, table lamps, overhead lighting. All of these different options create a variety of different moods and functions. Focus on a few things - what the fixture looks like and how you need it to function. Ideally, all lights should have a dimming option to make sure you have full flexibility on whatever your needs are.

Guest room essentials



I am Natalie, the principal designer of Nest Design Studio. I created my firm in 2009 with the sole intent to "design for the client and not the designer." We want your space to reflect you in every way. It is our commitment to guide and help you make better decisions so that you will feel confident and thrilled with the complete project. We want to help you make your home, your nest. We work with complete home design, full home re-designs, renovations and new builds. We are a full-service residential design firm which focuses on high-end residential projects.


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