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DORM SWEET DORM: Expert Dorm Decor To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

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DORM SWEET DORM: Expert Dorm Decor To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Photo Credit: @dormify 

Back-to-school season is, once again, upon us and for some college/university-bound students, the time has come to move into your dorm. It can be intimidating moving into a new space, often in a new city and away from home for the first time.

At first glance, dorm rooms can look bare and boring but, fear not, this is your fresh canvas; a blank slate that you have the opportunity to turn into an oasis where you can relax and unwind. And the best part: it’s YOURS!

There will be many things in college, and in life, that will be beyond your control like deadlines, exams, group projects, etc. but this, this is your domain. You will spend your time here--it will be your sanctuary in tough times, the place you celebrate your wins and your ultimate hangout spot.

Make your dorm feel like home, comfy and familiar, with our easy six-step system:


1. Pick a sort of theme or vibe: what are you going for?

Try choosing three keywords that you would like to describe your dorm room and always refer to them when going forward. Make sure they reflect your style, whatever that may be. Words like: homey, chic, cosy, or minimalist. This will keep your style focused and prevent you from ending up with a mishmash of decor that doesn’t work together.

2. Make your bed priority one.

Sleep hygiene is essential to not only your health but also your academic success so make sure that your bed is the best it can be so you can get the rest you need. In addition, most dorm rooms generally don’t have a lot of extra furniture so this will be pretty much the focal point of the room.

Start from the ground up to create the perfect, ultra-comfy bed. To make your standard dorm room mattress much more comfortable, try adding a mattress topper. Those extra few inches of luxe memory foam will definitely improve your snooze.

From there, work your way up with sheets (get two sets if possible to make laundry easier) and a comforter. When choosing these items, keep your theme words in mind. This is an opportunity to bring that theme to life with colour and patterns.

Next, we have pillows; also essential to getting a great night’s sleep. Our favourite is the Skyler pillow made with cooling gel tech memory foam, making every side of the pillow feel like the cold side. If you have trouble sleeping, could go with Violet, a pillow infused with aromatherapy to help you fall asleep naturally with the scent of lavender. Whatever type of pillow you choose, make sure it’s right for you.

For all of your sleep hygiene essentials, use promo code BACKTOSCHOOL for 10% off with Sleepenvie.

Finally, another decor opportunity, you can add throw pillows and/or throw blankets. Again, circle back to your theme words and make sure whatever you choose works in that context but is also functional (an extra blanket is very handy on a cold winter     ' night).

3. Let there be light. 

Some dorms are notorious for hard lighting, which is great for reeeeally illuminating a room but can be a little bright if you’re just trying to wind down and relax. For those moments, find something softer like twinkle lights--they can be really inexpensive and are a really nice touch to a room. It’s sometimes also helpful to get yourself a reading light for your desk to study.

4. Decorate.

Here is your opportunity to really make your space your own. You can decorate your walls with photos (we recommend using Command strips rather than putting holes in the walls with nails), warm up the space with a rug, and even get yourself a house-plant or two. Hit up Pinterest, for some super creative DIY ideas that are budget-friendly and unique and make your desk/workspace fun and functional and check out Indigo for awesome accessories!


5. Stock the fridge.

Do one big grocery shop to get the essentials like your condiments, some pantry stuff, and enough food to get you through your first week or two. You’ve got to fuel the machine. Beyond that, it really helps to make a meal plan (if you don’t have one in the caf) both on your budget and to make sure you’re getting what you need. Have many of us tried to survive on Kraft Dinner and pizza? Oh for sure, but it is not always the best plan, lol.


6. Meet your neighbours.

This can be a nerve-wracking thing to do, especially if you’re shy--but, remember, this will become your community. Your new best friend could be next door, your next relationship could be just across the hall, the person two doors down could be your study buddy. Fresh faces can be great. This fun, scary and exciting shared experience forges a bond between people that can last a lifetime. My advice: introduce yourself to the people on your floor and open yourself up to a new experience. Once your dorm room has been completed according to your vision, open your door and invite in your new friends.

Check out this dorm room makeover to watch these tips come to life:


Enjoy this experience, new students. This time in your life has the potential to open up a whole new world of opportunities for you. Take the time to make the space you will do all of these wonderful things on your own.


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