DOG DAYS OF SUMMER: Six Places Your Dog Can Get a Great Sleep

DOG DAYS OF SUMMER: Six Places Your Dog Can Get a Great Sleep

Summertime is here and, with the welcome change of season, our lifestyles have changed as well. We are out of hibernation mode and off exploring the great outdoors--even if we only get as far as our backyards ;).

Along with us, come our dogs. They are thrilled about the change in scenery but they also tire out quickly after all the running around. Just as it's important for us to have a comfortable, quality bed, they need one as well to rest up after a long day of summertime fun.

The right dog bed will offer them the support they need while also become the cozy oasis they are seeking. Remember, they want to be where you are; even if they are asleep. The perfect dog bed should also be easily portable so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Here are six places you can bring your dog bed this summer so your pup can get all the rest he needs to keep up with his or her active family:

1. Deck.

Your dog's backyard is his or her domain. If the door is open, off they go. Bring their dog bed onto the deck and they will happily stay out there all day.

2. Kitchen.

More often then not, I trip over my dog when I'm cooking. He wants to be where I am, but also where the food is. After the chopping/preparing part is done and they are confident there will be no scraps to catch, they will be happy to keep an eye on you and the kitchen from there dog bed that isn't directly under your feet.

3. Cottage.

Make them feel comfortable at the cottage by bringing their bed. It's a new space that they may not be used to, so by bringing something that they're familiar with it may help them settle down. Our dog beds also have a removable, washable cover, which will come in handy if they crawl in after a swim or a run through the mud.

4. Car.

Car rides can be stressful for everyone involved when travelling with a pet. Having their bed to lay down in will help them settle and (hopefully) close their eyes until you arrive at your destination.

5. Family Room.

We all like to relax and get comfortable in the family, Pup is no exception. By bringing his or her dog bed into the family room, they will have a place to get cosy as well annnnd you protect your spot on the couch, lol.

6. Bedroom.

And finally, the bedroom. Everybody is different when it comes to allowing your dog to sleep in your bed or not, but either way, it's nice for them to have their choice. Our pup sleeps in our bed until he gets to warm, and then jumps down into his bed to curl up for the night.

Sleepenvie dog beds are currently available in a small size for dogs up to 30lbs. Large and medium sizes will be available in the coming months.



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