BEAT THE HEAT: How to Stay Cool on Hot Summer Nights

BEAT THE HEAT: How to Stay Cool on Hot Summer Nights

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Cool summer nights of July are ideal for sleeping with your window open. It's a luxury to have the soft summer breeze gently blow through your window as you fall asleep. 

As July melts into August, those nights become fewer and farther between and are often replaced with the sticky, sleepless nights that 30'C+ weather yields. It can keep you awake at night, that uncomfortable sweaty feeling making you restless and frustrated. 

Suffer no more sleepless nights of overheated tossing and turning; follow our guide to get a good night's sleep during the hottest nights of summer.

1. Temperature.

According to the Sleep Council, the ideal sleeping temperature in a room is 16-18 º C. This is the tough part. Ideally, air conditioning does wonders to control the temperature of a room. If that is an option, definitely use that. If that is not an option or you need to supplement this method, use electric fans to circulate air flow. Only if it's cooler outside than it is inside, open the window to create a cross-breeze. If it isn't, try putting a bowl of ice in front of your fan, aimed at you. As the ice melts, the fan will blow the cool mist coming off the melting ice cubes in your direction.

2. Heat Hacks.

Body heat: If you sleep with your partner, try to stay on opposite sides of the bed rather than close together. Cuddling is out for especially hot nights. Your partner's body heat will only make you feel hotter.
Heat rises: If you have the option to sleep in a lower level of the house, most of the time it will be cooler because heat rises. The basement is the Holy Grail of this situation, but bunking on the lowest level possible of your home almost always helps with temperature.

3. Snacks.

Of course, DO NOT USE THE OVEN! It will heat up your whole house and make a hot night even hotter.
Avoid a heavy bedtime snack because it requires your digestive system to work overtime, raising your body temperature while you try to fall asleep.

4. Bedtime Routine.

Having a cool shower before bed will help to lower your body temperature. Don't make it freezing cold though, as the shock of the cold may wake you up so you have trouble falling asleep.
After your shower, apply an aloe based moisturizer to your skin; it has a cooling affect. If you really want to cool down, keep the moisturizer in the fridge and apply as needed.

5. 'Cool' Tricks Day-to-Night.

Keep your blinds closed--even during the day. It will prevent the sun from heating up your room, making it easier to cool it down at night.
During the day, fill a hot water bottle with cold water and stick it in the fridge. At nighttime, tuck it under the covers with you to cool you down.

6. Your Bed.

Sheets: Always opt for lightweight, cotton sheets for summertime to promote airflow and because they are easy to wash when you're sweating in your sleep. Silk or satin sheets sometimes seem like that would be a good summer option but, they trap air and stick to sweat.
Duvet: Since this is usually the first thing that gets kicked off the bed on ultra-hot nights, it can be a nice change to switch out your duvet for a open-weave blanket or light quilt for the summer. It's more comfortable and it can be a nice way to update your bedroom for the season.
Mattress/Pillows: Imagine if every side of the pillow was the cold side. There are now pillows and mattresses made with this concept in mind. Our Sofie mattress and Skyler pillow saves the night with its cooling gel tech memory foam  that keeps you cool but never cold and can absolutely help you rest easy on these sweaty nights.  Even during the winter, the cooling effect can be incredibly soothing and great for hot sleepers. For pillows, look for ice yarn covers. It feels cool against your cheek, even through the pillow case. 


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