ANATOMY OF A BED: The Essentials for Making a Perfectly Layered Bed

ANATOMY OF A BED: The Essentials for Making a Perfectly Layered Bed

Guest Post by Macy & Moore

There is a good number of people who struggle with sleeping problems. In fact, statistics show that insomnia, a common sleeping disorder is regularly affecting millions of people across the globe. This sleeplessness often finds those with insomnia tossing and turning at night and its effects can be totally distressing.

Insomnia often leads to daytime sleepiness which takes a toll on the overall health of a patient – both mentally and physically. Other fallouts also include mood swings and even anxiety. It’s no wonder those with diagnosed with such disorders seek the help of medications to encourage sleep.

However, such medications can lead to other serious medical conditions in the long run – including dependence on drugs only intended for short-term intake. Therefore, if you are having sleeping difficulty, relying on sleep-inducing prescriptions may not be the best way to go.

The good news is, there are many other safe alternatives that may work for you, such as creating a comfortable bed that will aid you to sleep.

Ready to discover your options? Here’s an infographic from Macey & Moore, a trusted name in pure linen market that will guide you on how to make a perfectly-layered bed with a purpose to address your sleeping issues and build the bedding environment to give you the best chance of falling asleep.

Infographic: Anatomy of a Bed, how to make the perfectly layered bed


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