WINTER IS HERE: Enjoying the Great Indoors

WINTER IS HERE: Enjoying the Great Indoors

For those of us in the great white North, winter has arrived in full force. Snow decorates our lawns, porches and driveways and there will be lots more to come before spring arrives.

So, why not make the most out of those cosy, snowy nights and find something fun to do inside!

Check out our list for six fun cold winters’ night in ideas:

1. Fondue Night

What better way to warm up then with a pot of melted cheese or chocolate? Or, do both. It’s a fun way to change up your regular dinnertime routine, it’s more social AND you can be creative! Plus, you’ll have all winter to perfect your own signature cheese sauce recipe ;).

2. Game Night

Invite some friends over or play one-on-one! You can pull out the classics like Monopoly, Life, Guess Who, Battleship or checkers OR go digital with games like You Don’t Know Jack or Heads Up that you and your guests can use your TV and phones for. Always good for a laugh, it’s a sure-fire way to pass the time and make some memories along the way.

3. Get Active with the Fitness Marshall

Just because we’re stuck inside, doesn’t mean we can’t be active. Try queueing up the Fitness Marshall on YouTube and learning a dance with your friends. By the time summer arrives, you’ll be ready to go with new moves!

4. Channel Your Inner Chef

Since, generally speaking, we have more time to fill at home in the evenings during the winter, make the most of it by honing your cooking skills! Try learning something new in the kitchen and making something that takes a little bit more time to prepare. In the summer, barbeque steals the show. In the winter, you can take some time to make something more hearty and complex like beef bourguignon, braised Osso Bucco, coq au Vin or chicken kiev--yum!

5. Invent New Cocktails

With the holidays right around the corner, why not invent your own seasonal cocktails for upcoming holiday parties? Consider seasonal elements, yours and your family’s and friend’s preferences, budget, prep time, glassware and have fun creating something new and special! If you start now, you’ll be able to make a few ‘practice rounds’ before you debut your new cocktail at a holiday party. 

6. Throwback Movie Night

After all of these activities, you’ll be ready for a chill night ;). Make sure you have all your favourite snacks and beverages, a selection of nostalgic movies at the ready and curl up on your couch or in bed under a mountain of throw pillows and blankets for the perfect, relaxing movie night in.



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