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SELF-CARE IN THE CITY: Toronto’s Best Mindful Meditation Studios

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SELF-CARE IN THE CITY: Toronto’s Best Mindful Meditation Studios

Photo Credit: @mindsetbraingym

You’re jolted out of bed by your screaming alarm clock… “I just need 10 more minutes,” you think to yourself. Your coffee is finally ready so you pour a cup in a travel mug and hustle to catch the train before rush hour reeeally picks up. You check email on the way and continue catching up when you sit down at your desk. Client meeting. Team meeting. Work on project that’s due at the end of the day. Lunch meeting with boss. Call dentist office. Troubleshooting with colleague. Back to project. What’s for dinner? Status meeting. Finish project. Back on the train. Pick up bread and milk on the way home. 

The details vary from day to day, but this tempo remains the same, Monday to Friday. 

Life is busy; sometimes we find ourselves swept up in the chaos of the day. It can be stressful when your mind gets spinning and you don’t feel like you’re being productive even though you haven’t stopped since early morning.

So what’s the solution? How can you slow down and find some peace in the madness?

Visit one of Toronto’s best meditation and wellness centres! In a short visit, no longer than your lunch break, you can practice mindful meditation and return to your busy day with new clarity, feeling refreshed so you can be more productive and less stressed.

Check out one of our favourite meditation centres today:


1. Mindset Brain Gym

Located in Yorkville, the mission of Mindset Brain Gym is to empower their clients to build inner mental strength. Their gym is, in a way, exactly what you would imagine when one dreams up a brain gym, with a carefully curated book store, interesting art and real plants decorating the interior, a tea bar in the foyer and a variety of classes and workshops that focus on mindful meditation, breathing, mental fitness and more. We highly recommend dropping in and checking out their After Dark Immersive Live Sound Meditation.

2. Hoame

Hoame, located downtown, is spacious and airy and has a beautiful ‘living room’ with comfy furniture and a tea and charcoal lemonade bar where you can relax and wait for one of their classes to begin. Our favourite class here is their Sleep class focusing on evoking a deep meditative state of conscious relaxation. It’s held in their ‘dark’ room with a starry ceiling but they also offer mindfulness classes in their ‘light’ room (complete with live moss wall) and audio-guided experiences in their salt cave.

3. Meditation Toronto

Meditation Toronto has many locations in the GTA, with studios downtown Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill and more. One of the many things that makes them so special is that they are staffed entirely by volunteers who are passionate about practising and teaching mindful meditation. They even offer retreats only 40 minutes outside of Toronto.

4. Yyoga

As the name implies, YYoga is primarily a yoga studio that also offers meditation classes. They have four studios, but my favourite is their Queen West location. Beginners are welcome so it’s a great place to try if you’re not sure if mindful meditation is your thing or if you’d prefer to stick to yoga, which, as many of us know, adds varying elements of fitness to mindful meditation.

5. The Quiet Company

The Quiet Company is a self-proclaimed modern meditation studio; they have a program designed to bring meditation to your office if you’re not able to get to them with their Corporate Meditation Program. This program of mindfulness practices can help develop resilience, focus, clarity, creativity, emotional intelligence and empathy. Their King Street studio is currently closed due to a building demolition outside but you can still contact them regarding their Corporate Meditation Program and they will be announcing future plans later this month.


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