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NOT YOUR AVERAGE GIFT GUIDE: Six Awesome Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Use

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NOT YOUR AVERAGE GIFT GUIDE: Six Awesome Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Use

For Father’s Day this year, give your Dad a gift that goes above-and-beyond, just like he does.

He deserves the very best so, we’ve curated a gift guide of gift ideas that will not only help him relax and recharge but that are also practical, functional and guaranteed not to end up at at the back of a closet collecting dust.

There’s something for every Dad on your list, whether it’s your Dad, grandfather, father-in-law or a father-to-be and to accommodate every budget.

Use promo code LOVEDAD to get a free pillow with every pillow purchase until June, 18.

1. Yeti Coffee Mug

From transporting his precious morning coffee to keeping his home-made campfire chilli warm on a campsite, the Yeti Rambler’s got Dad covered. It’s versatile, tough and the best in the biz for temperature control. This is a gift that’s uber-functional and will make his day measurably better, because who likes a cold cup of coffee?

2. FOMO Pillow

Make sure that the only pain in your Dad’s neck is you. Sleeping on a pillow that’s either too full or too flat can cause him to wake up with neck pain, back pain and/or overall soreness. With the FOMO pillow, Dad can adjust the fullness of his pillow to compliment how he sleeps. For example, if he likes to sleep on his stomach, a flatter pillow will be the most comfortable whereas if he likes to sleep on his back, a fuller pillow is an order (especially if he snores).

3. Mack Weldon Underwear

I know what you’re thinking, “Underwear? How original…”. Giggle if you must, but who couldn’t use a few extra pairs of underwear? Mack Weldon leads the league in super functional underwear with their 18-Hour Jersey Boxer Briefs. They're designed for everyday wear and transition perfectly from day-to-day to gym. They’re made of a soft jersey fabric with built-in cool zones so they’re comfortable working out and doing outdoor activities.

4. Hunter Mattress

The cornerstone of great sleep is a great mattress. And, the lifespan of a mattress is 7-10 years; beyond that timeframe, a mattress begins to lose its shape and accumulates quite a significant amount of allergens and dust mites. It can also be a big purchase, so many Dad’s forgo buying themselves a new mattress to make, in their minds, more pressing purchases for the household. If you can’t remember the last time your Dad got a new mattress, it might be time to get him a new one. The Sleepenvie Hunter mattress is an awesome choice for active Dads as it was designed with athletes in mind. Hunter is a 14-inch combo platter of memory foam and coil hybrid technology. This mattress promotes restorative sleep and eases sore muscles through the use of cooling technology. And, we now offer financing.

5. Brienne Base

The Brienne Base is strong, stable and super reliable, just like Dad. To get the perfect night's sleep, you need a solid foundation. Every detail matters, from the ground up. Without it, even the very best mattress will do him no service.

Brienne combines the functionality of a great mattress platform AND bed frame to create a contemporary, stand-alone base.

Wood construction and upholstered in a night tweed, it sits directly on the floor using attached feet OR on a separate bed frame for a higher profile. You can attach a headboard or it can stand alone, and it’s super easy to assemble. This incredibly versatile gift is something that most Dad’s won’t even think to buy for themselves, but everyone could use.

6. Echo Spot Smart Alarm Clock

The Echo Spot Smart Alarm Clock is an awesome multi-functional gadget. Not only is it an alarm clock, but Dad can also use it for playing music, getting the news and even ordering a pizza. It's very easy to use, so even Dads that aren't super tech-savvy will get the hang of Alexa in no time.


Sleepenvie is a Toronto-based online mattress-in-a-box and bedroom lifestyle brand that focuses on customization, convenience, and charitable contribution.

We make the mattress-buying process easy by delivering it directly to your door in one easy-to-handle compact box. We strongly believe in customizability, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. An easy one-minute quiz matches you to the ideal mattress for your lifestyle and sleep habits.

Check us out online at and on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest at @Sleepenvie. Sweet dreams!

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